C Mart Department Store ~ Chloe

  1. OK ~ has anyone heard of this store? C-Mart - Shop Smart. Shop C-Mart.
    they sale alot of designer stuff...I brought the Large paddington Shopper from them yesterday for $997 (reg $1910) however I think it may be fake...

    Can they sale fake handbags?
  2. I have heard that they sell legit items. The best thing to do is to take pics of the bag and post it in authenticate this! We can tell you for sure if it's real.
  3. OK ~ thanks...I just requested to be added to your myspace...I am charging my camera now to add pictures
  4. I am not familiar with this store.

    Although just because the store is legit doesn't mean the merchandise is, as we have seen plenty of times with Bluefly :cursing:

    Please be sure to post pics Lucky Lauren: if the bag is real, that's a great deal!
  5. i don't know, the leather looks really stiff in their pics :yucky:
  6. OK ~ I will post pictures later 2day