C mark with a dot inside (will it be similar marks to Celtic cross or shooting star)?

  1. I was reading the shooting star and celtic cross symbols thread a moment ago, and realised my purse has a C mark with a dot inside. Do you know if this is common? Is this a part of the craftsman mark? I am a bit worried....I bought this Kelly in a reseller at almost the retail price. The reseller has over 10 shops in Hong Kong. I bought it last year (with J stamp which stands for 2006 year of making).

    Please kindly advice. Thank you!
  2. I think the 13C with a dot is a craftsman stamp? If I ever recall correctly, the craftsman can choose what stamp design he wants provided it is not already been used. FYI, it's not a celtic cross stamp :flowers:
  3. ok, I just saw the other thread and Flossy post a similar C with a dot. :shrugs: I really have no idea.. unless someone expert step in. :nogood:
  4. Flossy included this same mark along with the celtic cross in her post on the "Master Craftsmen) Are you thinking the bag may not be authentic? Everything in your picture looks perfectly fine:yes:
  5. My first Birkin (bought at H store in 2003) has a sideways V with a dot in the middle. I do not have a digital camera so I can't post pictures.
  6. FlossyFigaro's pic of the C with the dot in it is labeled *maincraftsman*

    I presume that's a step before the mastercraftsman, which must be the top.
  7. My SA told me that it's the atelier mark. There are three (or four?) leather ateliers, each with a different mark. This craftsman is #13 in atelier "C with a dot" - LOL.....I only know the location of two, and the sideways "L" is the mark for one of them. Sometimes the bags aren't even stamped with which atelier they are from. There's also a triangle.
  8. ^^^X for Pantin.