c label...

  1. anyone knows anything about this label? i was desperately trying to find out their homepage but nothing :cry:
    i would like to see if they have shops in italy or uk so i could buy them :cry:
    i don't feel comfortable buying online a new brand of shoes because i don't know how they fit!
  2. Shopbop finished these in size 6
    i am desperate!!!!
    please, if you find them anywhere tell me...
  3. i'm sorry divina!!!!
    wow, a new thread!!!i wish i could help you...:sad:
  4. The quality of her shoes is AWFUL. Especially the sandals/espadrilles. NOT worth the price, plus they always end up on sale for like $30 at the end of the season.
  5. i saw some clabel on sale at eluxury.
  6. so the quality is not good?
    thank you intlset, i'm not in love anymore!!
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