C & C California !!

  1. http://www.candccalifornia.com/

    [​IMG]Does anybody know have any information on this line ? I am looking for yoga pants and i saw these, they look so comfy. :heart:
  2. I don't know about the pants...but I love their long tanks!
  3. Their stuff runs a tad big on me...I usually go down a size..great stuff.LOVE their tanks.
  4. Prada- their pants are sooo comfy!! I just got myself and London Brat a pair that is similr to those. They are light and airy... just love them!! They aren't that long- just right- and are typically quite stretchy :heart:
  5. Oh ! wow ! cool !! Do you think they would be good for yoga ? I just love the look of them, I'm just unfamiliar with the company.

  6. Do they last long ?
  7. ditto this. they run quite big on me too :sad:
  8. loooooooove their tops...idk about the pants
  9. Actually, i went ahead and ordered a couple of their pants, they haven't arrived yet.
  10. I might have to get myself a pair.
  11. why is this a sticky?

    Can't wait to hear your report on them Prada!
  12. I read in a magazine that Madonna has a favorite pair of yoga pants that she requested be adapted as the base for all of her outfits for her tour. They weren't expensive either. Maybe $22. It was either in InStyle or USWeekly.
  13. Thank you, Coachwife6 :heart:
  14. I love C&C... let us know about your pants Prada!!!
  15. now I want some!!!!!!!!