C&C California ~ Take An Extra 50% Off Clearance Through February 2nd

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  1. Bump...
  2. I had a bunch of stuff in my cart, but realized the colors I really wanted were already sold out. So I walked away.

    Thanks for posting.
  3. Not that I'm buying a darn thing, but have you guys noticed that they've raised the prices on sale cashmere sweaters :nogood:
  4. ^Not just cashmere but other items they had on Clearance as well. :rolleyes:
  5. thanks i just order the malibu pants, great deal
  6. I noticed the increase in sale prices, too. The extra long sleeve turtleneck was $14 when they were doing 40% off, now the price is $17. Not much of a price difference, but still worth noting. Also, I got a top there for 40% off $34, now the same top is $49. Wonder if they're going to go to 60% off next?
  7. Thanks for the link! I'm always in need of more layering pieces-and C&C are just the best.