C&C California ~ Extra 40% Off Sale & Clearance

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  1. Great deals! Snagged a few cashmere sweaters for only 60 bucks and some great tops for super cheap also.
  2. Bump...last two days!
  3. You're so bad! Okay, I broke on this sale... but now I am officially on a Deals & Steals ban. I've spent too much of my food money on clothes as it is. I'll let some of the other gals enjoy your wonderful postings for a while... I am going to try to last until March 1st. *fingers crossed*

    Anyway here are the last dresses I will buy until then! I've seen both in person and they're super cute!!! Bye Bagachondriac!! Yell at me if you see me sneaking back, will ya?

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  4. kachesle...you crack me up!! You know you have absolutely NO willpower, so why even try? LOLOLOLOLOL!!!
  5. my order got canceled!