C&C Blackhead Remover 5.00 coupon still available on site~

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Dec 23, 2007
You must become a "member".....and the picture of the C&C BH remover, along with other products is on the site...I signed my neighbor up and we got a coupon! You must REALLY look in corners etc for "make a copy of coupon" type stuff...

IF you can't find it, email me......I have black and white copies of the coupon....hopefully the skew can be used more than once!

Your BLACKHEAD free friend!

Kiley, Portland, OR

PS....sign up with Walgreens.com...they send me a 5.00-10.00-20.00 off coupons at least once or twice a month....this was for 5.00 if you spend 20.00...I got my Febreze candles,7.95 ea, my oil refills for another Glade candle deal, which also has a send in 1.00 off coupon....so I get it for practically free...AND a refill of the BH remover pads...AND the cosmetic counter girls (MAKE FRIENDS WITH THEM) gave me a 1.00 off coupon for the Clean and Clear BH rem. pads.....I got TONS for 21.00!

Now...go to CleanandClear.com and get those coupons!!!! They expire on November 27th! No excuses!


Coach Obsessed
Feb 6, 2008
I bought it last night at wal-mart for about 18.00.I'm going to use it tonight for the first time.
I was looking at it and reading it earlier and a thought came to mind. Months ago I bought the Neutrogena Wave ( I think thats what its called)
and really, all I ahd to do was buy the refill pads of the Clean and Clear.
I could have saved me some money.:sad: