C-21 NYC Shoe Sale

  1. So C-21 is doing their semi-annual sale and this is the best shoe deal I have seen yet. Not only are major brands like Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Miu Miu, Casa Dei, Marc Jacobs and many more escaping my excited head at the moment selling for between $60-150/pair downstairs, when I was there this morning, they were marking many boxes "Buy One, Get One Free." :nuts: I have been to this sale many times and this is by far the best price and selection that I have seen in the shoe department. Be forewarned that the good stuff will go quickly!
  2. Okay thanks I am calling my friend to go down there and see whats up!! Thanks
  3. I am sure she already knows this but make sure she heads downstairs (where they usually keep the higher end designers). They also had a large number of last spring's (i.e. mostly platform style) Chloes, Guccis and Fendis upstairs against the back wall where the mid-level heels and "lucky size"s usually are for $200-250 (but not BOGO free so good but not great deals).

    I am beginning to think that I am actually a shopping girl with a working problem rather than the other way around.
  4. Haha your funny!! Did they have Miu MIu clogs??
  5. I definitely remember seeing some clogs (some quilted, some not) in that general area but I cannot for the life of me remember the brand. Anbar Shoes (walk up Church St. about 6-8 short blocks from C-21 then make a right on Reade) had some really funky Miu Miu clogs with mirrors and fun-colored stitching for about $50 when I was there last Friday but I can't remember what sizes they had.
  6. :huh:O cool!! How funky?? if you pass by them again can you check the size and if you have a camera. I like them funky but not tooo weird.
  7. SO I went to the sale last night and walked about with 3 pairs for 95!
    A pair of Enzo pumps
    A pair of C Label mid-calf boots
    and another pair that I can't remind the designer but they are SO COMFY
    I'll post pics up later.

    I liked a few other pairs but they didn't have my size :sad:
  8. Were the C Label ones the sort of Victorian looking ones, almost a cross between Victorian boots and spectator shoes, that came in two styles - one all black leather where the leather was smooth in some places with little holes in others and the other style where some parts are black leather and other parts are tiny black and white checks? I only ask because I REALLY want those and keep eyeing them but swore off of stiletto boots after ruining four pairs due to the city streets last year (I can't afford that at any price).
  9. Yes! They were all black with the little holes
    I LOVE THEM! When I tried them on they were stiff but I've been walking around today and they are settling in..
    For $35! I could NOT resist
    All my boots/shoes are pointy and these were so cute with a slightly rounded toe! Plus I LOVE the grippy pad on the bottom!

    Get them!!
  10. rella869, stop being a bad influence!

    I am actually leaving town in an hour for over a week but if my size is there when I get back, I may cave.
  11. Sorry Jillian but the shoes are so cute :smile:

    Enjoy your trip!