bysog bags?

  1. Anybody heard of this brand?


    If so, comments?
  2. never heard of it...
    but this clutch looks nice :

    also this :
  3. ^^They say their bags are custom made, so I'm intrigued. According to the bio, the owner has worked with Isabella Fiore, Betsey Johnson and Monica Botkier. hmmm

    I like the last bag quite a bit, but the pics don't show detailing very well...
  4. ihave to see it IRL though, the price is quite expensive and i can't tell the leather by the photos :p
  5. ^^yes, that's the issue. I like to fondle before purchasing.:p They do give a choice of leathers for the custom made bag, so that's nice.
  6. I have two of their bags i purchased at Shecky's. They are very chic and I always get compliments. The leather is ultra fabulous, i have one in cowhide (Liz Clutch) and the other is lambskin (the spike bag), you can smell the leather it's so good. i met the owner/designer at Shecky's, they own their own manufacturing place. i'm in the process of getting one custom made (the Dynelle bag). The bags are hot, i even saw my bag on The OC
  7. I have heard of this bag. I purchased one also at Shecky's. They do custom make their bags. You can pick the exterior and interior color and material. I read some one purchased the bag and maybe they had a better experience with the order wait of the bag.
    I paid in full for the bag in the summer of 06 and have yet to receive it. The leather I picked was unavailable and the only reason I knew was because I called them to check on my extremely delayed order. I truly forgot that I ordered it until I cleaned out my office and found the receipt. If it were not for my spring cleaning I probably would have remembered about the order years from now.
    I am suppose to be receiving it in a few weeks. We shall see