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  1. A few years ago dh was offered an orange birkin because the sales person sold an item that was to be messengered to over to him. He didn't take it at the time but now im wondering if i can easily get another.

    I have been hesitant to spend that much money but now im realizing that i just want one and always will. Buy it now-- enjoy forever!
  2. That's really hard to say, but if your DH has a very good relationship with a SA, you may be offered another one in the future or be allowed to place an order at podium time.

    You've made a great decision. I was like that, too, very hesitant about spending the money, even passed up one I saw at the H store in Vegas. It was indigo, very beautiful. I wish I had started sooner now because the prices keep going up, and I would've spent less money on one then if I had gotten the indigo Birkin!
  3. Denial, take the plunge!! It's nice in the pool!!! If you have always wanted one and can deal with the financial ramifications, I say go for it. You will really cherish it and enjoy!!:girlsigh: