Byebye reissue, hello financial independence...

  1. Okay, well, this sounds extremely silly, materialistic, and just laughable. Last night I had a sobbing fit over selling the Chanel grey 2.55 reissue. I love it so much! But I don't deserve to own it until I make money for myself. It's better to sell it, and use the money that was for that bag go to, say, school loans, rent, or even a small vacation for my parents. So I'm selling it (choking back a sob). Plus, having that has made me neglect my other handbags, like the classic medium. Starting in May, I'm going to work full time, earn money, and have the cash so that I will buy the bag of my dreams. Which opens the opportunities for a wide selection-- this is going to be big to me. Should I go back to the reissue (in bordeaux maybe?), or go for the wonderfully classy cerf tote? Shall I deviate from Chanel and venture to Hermes? Hate myself for the materialism, but this ultimate purchase, to be done months, if not years, from now will be something earned and appreciated and loved. I can hear readers scoffing at me. Or screaming at me to keep it. Sigh. Goodbye, reissue. Hello to financial independence.

    So which purse should I get later? :graucho:
  2. Good Luck!!!
  3. kudos on taking control! It sounds like it was a hard choice. I know I wouldn't want to give up something I loved, but I'm sure financial solvency will be worth the sacrifice.

    As for the new bag, let's wait until we get there:graucho: . Who knows what'll happen by that time
  4. Sounds like your on your way, am proud of you for making a great choice for your needs!!!!

    I say keep looking and thinking for that next big bag that you will soooo treasure and feel great about!!!

    Good for you!!!!:yes:
  5. May, I just want to commend you on your very wise decision. I know it was tough, but it was such a mature and responsible thing to do. I know that when you do save the money for your next dream bag, you will feel SO GOOD about doing it when the time is right and you will be rewarded with the true bag of your dreams and you'll be so glad you made the decision you did. I say CONGRATULATIONS!
  6. I'm on the same road as you do. I'm not a high profile girl but I adore having Chanel handbags for myself. The only problem is, I can't get enough of only one! I'm also thinking of selling some of my Chanel handbags that I don't normally use very much since it's just in those boxes, but whenever I think about it the second time, it's like, "I can't find another like that when I miss it in the future." That's why I can't give up my handbags. I figured out a mighty little plan not to give up any of my handbags but to finish my loans, save up little by little for the handbag of my dreams. Right?
  7. Definitely, it was super hard. I'm still struggling, but I know this is right. This is the only choice, because any other, no matter how hard I try to reason it out, will only be excuses for not taking control. This is a GIANT step. And you are right, bismarck, maybe later when I do have the money saved for that special purchase, I may realize I want to keep saving it for something greater than a handbag. Thanks for everyone's support!
  8. Congratulations on taking the first step to financial responsibility. The pain will fade quickly and you will be glad you did it. There will be other bags, trust me. And Chanel comes out with such great bags every season -- when you are able to buy one, you will have many great choices.
  9. You might feel a little sad right now but paying off your school loans, or any other debt you have will make you feel SOOOOO good! Definitely worth it!

    I am on the same boat, I didn't have to sell anything but I have cut my spending and most of my disposable money goes to paying down credit cards and I am very close to being debt free and its just waaaay exciting.

    Once my credit cards are paid, which should be soon, I am definitely buying whichever purse I love the most! :yahoo:
  10. Congratulations! The way it feels when debt like student tuition loans are paid off is like nothing else in this world! It's definitely an achievement in itself.
  11. I'm confused. Are you going to sell your reissue that you love (presumably at a loss) to buy another one in a few weeks (presumably at full price)? Selling low and buying high does not equal financial independance.
  12. Hahahaha nooooo-- definitely not. I'm going to sell it, and live financially sound. If someday (months and years) down the line I want a purse, it will be a wise choice that I really thought about, not a splurge or on a whim. Most likely, I will reconsider purchasing a real bag. As others have said, my opinions about purses may change over time :yes:
  13. Congrats! I don't know if I'd have the willpower to do this!
  14. May, good for you! That is definitely the right choice! And you will feel much better without the noose of debt around your neck! :flowers: kudos!
  15. Congratulations on making this decision!
    It's a great idea to build up your retirement/emergency funds before you splurge on purses! I would recommend a Hermes :smile: