byebye, my beautiful batignolles

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  1. After lots of thought and soul-searching, I put Govinda, my beloved BH, up for auction on eBay. The strap-falling-down issue was just too much to deal with, and I figured, rather than let her sit in the closet, someone else should be able to use and appreciate her. My shoulders must be a weird shape - it doesn't happen with all shoulder bags, but I had to sell one of my Coach bags for the same reason a couple of years ago.

    I switched back to my Damier Speedy last night, and that felt really good, so I know I'm making the right decision. But I'm still sad that the BH didn't work out for me. Govinda is a really lovely bag, and it will be hard to see her go. :crybaby:
  2. Sorry to hear that but there is always more LV....:flowers:
  3. awww...i'm sure she will go to a wonderful home.
  4. Oh, no! Sorry it didn't work out.
  5. Sorry to hear that, it's a beautiful piece :sad:
  6. Govinda is such a beautiful name! i love it... reminds me of Kula Shaker. i know it's sad parting with your things, but if it doesn't work out, you might as well set it free.
  7. I just sold my sandals and I listed my denim jacket today :sad:

    im a bad parent!!! I know!!

    but I want to bring new things into my family lol
  8. That's exactly how she got her name...that song was playing at the LV boutique when I bought her. Kula Shaker is pretty obscure in the US, so I thought it was good name.
  9. I hope she does! I wish the Marketplaza was open, at least I'd know she was going to a tPF-er who would take good care of her.
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