Bye Everyone!!!! tPF Queen is on vacation!!!

  1. Hi all- I have been REALLY hectic getting ready for vacation which begins tomorrow. I am meeting a college friend in Europe and we are going all around Spain and Italy for 2 weeks!!!!!!! I am super excited to get there and see her again! Vlad is joining us for part of the trip, but most of it will be girl bonding time!

    I am really excited for this vacation and I will actually vacation- as in not live on my laptop :amuse:

    So be nice to the mods and Vlad and have a great 2 weeks!!

    I will be sure to post lots of pics, pics of purchases, and maybe a goodie for a giveaway if I find something great! You never know :p

  2. Awww! Have lots of fun on vacation!!!
  3. OMG lucky you Megs, I so want a vacation :smile: You will just love Spain & Italy!
    Have a wonderful time with your friend, looking forward to your report & pics. I am sure you will find some time to go shopping LOL!
    Safe journey & loads of fun & sunshine!
  4. BYE SWEETIE! Have an awesome trip..Im leaving for Aruba tomorrow too..Ill check in with ya when we get back to compare shopping damages...heehee..HAVE A BLAST!!!!!
  5. You and Jill away on the same week, what are we going to do? Have a great time...
  6. Have fun in Spain and Italy. I loved both countries. Drink lots of good wine and have a wonderful girl time!!!
  7. Sounds like an amazing trip!! Have a great time Megs. We'll miss you!!
  8. Have fun Megs - it will be awesome shopping, sight-seeing, and eating. Hope you get some great finds!
  9. ahh all you lucky girls going on vacation!!! have fun Megs!!!
  10. That sounds like a really fun trip-Spain and Italy are beautiful places. Hope you have fun!
  11. Have a safe and exciting vacation! :biggrin:
  12. Thanks all! I am going crazy with last minute details... it is making my head spin. But once I get there it will be great!!!
  13. That sounds like a heavenly vacation, have fun!
  14. Have an awesome time Megs!!! I've never been to either so please post pics would love to see them!!! Stay safe, I'll miss your posts on the Purse Blog!!!
  15. Eat a lot, shop a lot, sleep little, and come home safe.