bye bye..

  1. bye bye my cutie to a new home!!! hope u will be good.. :crybaby:
  2. Here's hoping a damier one is made and u'll get another! :p haha awww why u sell? never use?
  3. if there's a damier one.. :love::love: i will definitely get it..

    hard to maintain in my not very good with "white" things...i bought it originally because it's reaaaaaaaaaaaaly cute..i still think it's really cute!! but then i don't take it out much because i have "some things" to bring when i go i didn't get much use outta it...

  4. Aww... Bye Wapity! May you find a loving home.

    I love the Wapity!
  5. Bye-bye! Such a cute piece, I agree...but if it's not used from you, it's not meant to be...
  6. Awww, I saw your auction! I'm sure she'll go to a good home! Wish I could've gotten it though! :p
  7. i emailed you through eBay. lol. congrats on the sale
  8. oh yeah!!! i just found out!! no wonder the nickname's so familiar!!

  9. haha rensky....say hello to ur soon-to-come-new baby then :smile:
  10. thanks!!

  11. which one..which one..? *looks around innocently* :rolleyes:

  12. awww, rensky, she went to a good home!
  13. do u know the buyer?