Bye bye to my Prorsum Aviator Boots!

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  1. Too bad! I had received as gift by my mom the amazing Aviator Boots by the Prorsum line, I've used them mabe 6 or 7 times and than CRACK the heel has broken in two while I was walking!
    I was shocked and mad as hell! And still I am! I would never expected a heel of a boot by Burberry splits up in two that way!

    Obviously the next day the first thing I've done was going to the Burberry store and ask if they had a repair center.. The SA was shocked and asked me if I had hurt (luckily no! I didn't even fall to the ground!) And after a few days she tolded me that they haven't a repair center for shoes!!:tdown::pout: There is for bags, belts, coats, trench etc but not for shoes :wtf: Isn't this strange?

    At the end she have gave me a voucher to the value of the boots and get them back, this was nice but I really miss my beloved boots! And now I don't trust anymore to purchase heeled shoes from Burberry.. :nogood:

    Hope that nothing like this happened or will ever happend to anyone of you!
    IMG_0123.JPG 401236_3080098364454_1842718119_n.jpg
  2. Good thig you didn't get hurt! That is so ufortunate, Burberry is an all-around good company in terms of quality. Also, you are super lucky you got the full value of the boots back in a voucher! That is excellent CS!!
  3. That's why I was shocked! :sad: But yes I was happy and heartened for the voucher! Sad for the boots of course and I still am! I'll never find them again!! :shucks: I've bought a wonderful trench for winter and I'm happy to own it but my love for shoes cannnot be compared to anything else!
  4. That's so scary! Glad you weren't hurt! Too bad about the boots.
  5. Wow, that's horrible! Bummer that they couldn't repair them - but giving you a voucher is nice of them, some places won't even give you that. I'll definitely think twice before buying Burberry shoes...
  6. I've bought from them a few weeks ago a pair of boots for snow (in sale :biggrin:) without heels and that's it! There are a few pairs that I like but I'm out of trust now! While I was walking I felt that the heel was "soft", but I didn't expected it would break in two.. Was disappointing :sad:
  7. Oh no! That is awful!!! I can't believe they don't have a repair shop. That's nuts. Now I need to go check my own to make sure the heels look ok...
  8. I didn't mean to scare you! I think and HOPE most of all that mine was an isolated case! But still.. This are things that hurt!!:cry::rain:

    Let me know if yours are ok! :flowers:
  9. Boo, that really sucks. Monetary replacement is nice and all, but somethings a gal just want her goods.

    I'm very surprised to hear this about Burberry! Whilst I understand they're not a shoe specialist, I'd expect all designer goods maintain a good standard of quality, no matter the design/collection/limited availability.
  10. Omg that's awful, so sorry this happened to you. Those are such gorgeous boots, it's such a shame