BYE BYE Rock...........

  1. Well after my month long story on the little Water snake Rock from London, the little baby is on her LONG journey back to London:crybaby:

    I was actually able to get past my feelings of hate and discontent with the entire ordeal after a few days of just looking at her:happydance: I even went and purchased a gorgeous Tan Unite wallet to match her (Burgundy and Electric blue just didn't seem right for the gorgeous colors of the Rock) :blah:

    So Tuesday I went to switch bags and put my new wallet and my little Choo cosmetic bag inside her and that's all she wrote:hrmm: I did not have any room to place my keys, phone or sunglasses in the bag:amazed:

    I decided if I can not fit my everyday staples into the bag without having to remove the wallet or cosmetic bag just to locate my keys or a pen then I would never use her. So, I e-mailed London for an RMA and she left on the little DHL truck this afternoon for the "Trip of her life":crybaby:

    DH said I should keep her and just stuff it, then if anyone said anything about how full she looked I should tell them "The Water snake just ate a meal and was still trying to digest it":rolleyes: Men, don't we love their way of thinking:graucho:
  2. Oh No! This bag has traveled more in the last month than I did last year! Quite the little globe trotter...I understand how you feel though. If you have to struggle with stuff and everytime you want to take your wallet out it's a hassle, you won't carry it and that's too much money to not use it. Just think now you can look for something else without feeling guilty...that's what I told myself after sending blue mahala back.:cutesy:
  3. Awww....a sad ending to what had become an epic journey for your little bag. :crybaby:

    I'm sorry the bag didn't work for was such a beautiful bag. Very unique! But you're right, even in photos the bag did look small. :shrugs:

    I hope her journey back home is not fraught with the delays and hassles that she had to endure on her trip over here!

    As jmcadon said though, you'll find something else you love just as much, or more, and that will be more practical for you. :yes:

    I thought what your DH said was absolutely hysterical though! Men! :roflmfao:
  4. sorry it didn't work out - but at least you gave it a good try!
    And better than your bag, Your DH sounds like an awesome guy!
  5. Oh thats so sad :sad: - Im sure youll find another great sister for your great collection.
  6. ^Too funny! I agree. The Rock is very small. I don't think I would want to use it as an everyday bag.