Bye-bye, my baby

  1. This afternoon I sent out my petite bucket off to the LV boutique closest to me (which is like 90 minutes away) so it can be repaired (I put delivery confirmation and insurance for sure; I don't want to lose it!). I've never sent out a bag for inspection and repair; the SA told me over the phone it will take 6-8 weeks. I know that this is normal for most repairs, but that was the whole reason why I put it off until I couldn't take it anymore (its lining needs to be replaced). So, now I'm just left with its cosmetic pouch (which is still okay), and I'm really sad. I've never been away from a bag for so long, and even though they claim to be fastidious, I always have doubts in the back of my head. Is this normal? What should I expect? Anyway, just thought I'd like to share.
  2. aww dont worry - you will get your bag back soon looking all new....and fixed.....

    hope you have a tracking number and insured the bag....
  3. Well...expect to receive your bag in 8 weeks....
    sorry that you have to apart from it but I am sure your other bags will cheer you up... it's make over for your bag to beautify herself..:graucho:
  4. awww I'm sure you'll have your baby back soon
  5. I've been waiting 8 weeks now for my speedy (new handles and leather) - I know what you mean! I miss it terribly - don't feel like myself at all. Even my new Damier Speedy is not helping! I like it and all - but I just miss the mono one.
  6. Just think, before you know it, she will be cack to you and better than ever!
  7. i know how you feel! i dropped off my mono speedy for tab replacement last week and I've been missing it...
  8. Seperation anxiety.... there is a cure for this condition. More LV!! Paging Dr. Elux STAT!!!

    Aww I'm sure it won't be too long & think how great it will be when your bag is all fixed up. Maybe you can have a welcome home party & invite some of your bags friends over, I hear Mr. groom likes to party.

  9. You are too funny! :roflmfao:

  10. you're too cute!

    But Taco's right...need more bags to keep you warm on these upcoming lonely weeks! :graucho: :P . Dang we can always find some reason to get more bags!
  11. Aww, thanks guys! Haha, I know I'm being a little silly, but I can't help it. I love that bag just like my others. *However* I guess it does give an excuse to buy something...maybe I'll get an accessory to brighten up my 8 weeks.
  12. your baby will be fine. :smile:
  13. I hope you get it very very soon :smile:
  14. Hi Bernz and Charleston MOM...wondering what the $$ estimates were for the repair of your bags?? I was walking through Macys last Friday when I noticed my Speedy was open and I pulled on the tab to close the zipper and I must've really yanked as the pull tab came off in my hand :wtf: ...Just the leather part...but my bag looks "wrong" now...the zipper still works, it just doesn't look right. I put my extender on there and it looks worse as my bag is patinaed and the extender is so GOLD. I was thinking of replacing the tab and maybe the handles...if it doesn't cost a million $$. Anybody have any nearst LV is five hours away and they are NOT known for their wonderful customer assistance...:crybaby:. Thanks in advance for any advice out there!
  15. Don't worry, you'll get it back in no time, all better and new and in your arms.