Bye Bye Electric blue Marin...

  1. Well it took all of 2 days to sell my blue Marin on e-bay. I just wasn't gonna use that bag. I shipped it off this afternoon to someone who will love it and carry it. No more clutches for me (unless it has a shoulder strap).
    This is the second electric blue bag I have had and that color is just not for the purple one is another story.:graucho:
  2. So sorry your Marin didn't work out for you:crybaby: JM, but I can totally relate:yes: When you spend "that" much hard earned money on a bag, it has to work for you, otherwise it sits and collects dust. Glad it sold quickly:tup:

    Now you have extra $$$'s for a different :choochoo::choochoo:
  3. Thanks Robyn. I probably could have sold it for more, but this buyer had good feedback and was ready to pay...c'est la vie!
    Did you keep your new Riki?
  4. I still have not decided, but it is getting too cold for my CL's to try to wear as a set, so I will have to take her out alone:sad:
  5. Sorry to hear the Marin wasn't for you - Robyn hang the weather find an indoor mall to rock your combo.
  6. I would have a hard time with a clutch.
    I would need a shoulder strap - Like what the troy has - In fact I'd really like to get one of those.

    How's your Maddy working out for you?
  7. I love the size of my Maddy. It was the bag I carried to Las Vegas and for most of the summer. Since it is metallic, the color is wearing a little so I have started to use a different bag (Chloe python silverado) for daily use. I'd love to get the Purple one, but will wait for the sale. :drool:
  8. thanks for your feedback on the Maddy :smile:
    I would like to get one too ..when is the next sale?
  9. ^^Sometime in December I believe, so start saving your $$$!!:happydance::choochoo:
  10. thank you so much
    I'll have get myself some holiday choos:graucho::graucho: