bye bye consirations :'(

  1. Today i went to grab my conspiration Gm sunnies.. and they wre gone.. im such a mess and i looked through both my house and my guest house they are nowhere.. i dont even know where to start , but im not sure i can even spring to buy a new pair! im kinda suspicious a housekeeper took them bc this is the first time in yearss that i lost sunnies...
  2. Oh no!!!

    I sure hope they turn up. Good luck!
  3. Oh gosh...I hope you find them!!!! I'd be so upset!
  4. wow, I hope you find them. GoodLVck!
  5. I hope you find them! I love these sunglasses and hope to get them eventually.
  6. I hope that you find them, that are wonderful sunglasses!

    Best of luck to you!
  7. Oh no! :sad: I'm so sorry! I hope you find them!
  8. So sad. I am sorry you lost your sunglasses. I hope they do turn up.
  9. I hope you find them! and if you can't - better watch that housekeeper!!! Who knows what else they could have taken :cursing:
  10. That's too bad! Sometimes things turn up in the oddest places though, so don't give up hope yet!
  11. Hopefully they're just misplaced and will turn up soon!
  12. I am so sorry you lost your sunnies. I hope they turn up.
  13. OMG! It had better not be the housekeeper... I hate people that STEAL! UGH! I cannot believe! Do you have insurance on your collection? I REALLY hope you find them! I am so sorry :sad:
  14. You have probably just misplaced them. It's an easy thing to do, and it happens to the best of us. I hope that you find them soon.