bye bye Carly

  1. I returned my Carly today. It was just too big. I'm pretty bummed and there was nothing in that store that really jumped out at me. It was rather sad.
  2. well, there are some beautiful bags coming out next floor set, so go back in a few days and see if something jumps out then... or check the catalog post and look at the pics :smile:

    Hopefully you find something that you really like!
  3. awww...but if you didn't love it, no reason to keep it.

    Maybe some of the new bags coming out in the next few months will jump out at you!!
  4. There are lots of new things coming for the fall. I think we all will be pleasantly surprised. Don't buy something just to purchase it. You need to really love the bag. I am sure that something will catch your eye in September. I am waiting for the new all leather Carly's which should be coming out in the fall.
  5. I loved it in theory but it was just too big! Then i tried on the medium and that thing kept falling off of my shoulder! I walked out of there in pure sadness.:sad:
  6. don't be bummed even though it may be a bumming situation. the carly does look a little too big on some women and some women just like that. just wait out the bumness and everything will be fine. as they all say, there are more bags in the sea.
  7. yeah, i agree tat2tinkerbell, if you don't love it, then there's no reason to keep it. it should be something you enjoy using and that's why they make different types of bags. they are for different people and not one bag fits all people.
  8. yeah, I keep eyeing the Carly but for some reason I haven't gone for it. Guess it wasn't meant to be for me either. Can't wait to see the fall stuff IRL!
  9. If you didn't like it then it's best that you returned it.
    I agree there are some pretty amazing bags coming out so don't be sad im sure you will find one you love.
  10. I'm sorry that the Carly didn't work for you, but I'm confident that you will fall in love with another bag soon that will be perfect for you!
  11. I love the way the carly looks but I had the same problem; the med didn't sit on my shoulder well and was just a bit too small and the large was too big for me. Maybe something in the fall will catch your eye.
  12. Don't be sad, awesomejones! When you find a bag you love and cannot stop thinking about it and it fits perfectly on your shoulder, the crook of your arm, or in your hand, that's the one!:yes:

    That's exactly how I felt about the large Carly!

    It's perfect for me!
  13. Any idea what new colors are coming out in the leather? :drool:
  14. sorry you walked out of a coach store in pure sadness. but the right bag will come along.

    I love the carly, but it's just not for me. So I made my friend buy one the other day, that way, I can look at it a lot...and sit beside it,
  15. Definitely don't feel bad that you returned it. It wasn't the right bag for you and that's totally ok. You can use the $ to buy something you'll truely love this fall.