Bye Bye Car...

  1. :crybaby: tomorrow I have to go and get all of my things out of my car so that the insurance company can take it away to the salvage yard.

    I "totaled" it last week in my first ever accident. I never had a single point on my liscence or a traffic I have three points! I very foolishly missed a traffic light (I still have no idea how this happened, I wasn't even goofing around with the cd player or anything) and ran right into a car turning left on a big freeway.

    The air bags went off and I got jostled around the road (the other guy and his car were in much better shape -- which I guess is fair since it wasn't his fault:rolleyes: )

    Anyway, I'd never been in any kind of wreck before, so it was totally scary! I saw it coming and literally thought I might die...or feel some serious pain. But, happily, everyone is fine:smile: Nothing more than very minor scrapes from the airbag.

    I know I should just be grateful for that -- but I'm still really sad about the car:sad: . It was my first car -- nissan altima. Oh well, as everyone keeps saying, it's a material object so replaceable. Although it was technically my Dad's car (a "gift" to me, but still in his name) and he's not exactly eager to replace it soon. Life w/o a car is lame!

    Sorry for a downer story, but I was just thinking of it, so thought I'd share this little mini-drama from my life:shame:
  2. I am really sorry about your car accident....and yes, they do happen!! I have been involved in 3 accidents here in Hong Kong (1 was my fault), but the 2nd and 3rd happened in the same mechanic even started giving me a discount for bodywork, and told me I am one of his best customers!!!!! The good thing here is you never really get going fast enough to do too much damage!!
    I am glad that you are OK, though....and it looks like you will be car shopping now!!!
  3. I'm really sorry, MandyM!! I've been in my share of accidents (both my fault and not my fault) so I definitely share your pain. I'm just really glad you are okay!
  4. i'm so happy you're ok, MandM because honestly, thats what really matters, but i'm sure its hard to think that way because you have lost your car.
  5. I'm glad that you're okay!
  6. As long as you are ok MandM that is the main thing - know it is sad but as long as you are not hurt:flowers:
  7. annemerrick, you got discounts? LOL

    MandM, aaaw, I know how you feel. But yeah, glad that you're fine and that everything goes well with the insurance. Hope your dad doesn't get TOO angry :P and that you'll get a brand new car. ASAP!

    Also, a lesson to be learnt: get full coverage insurance! :yes:
  8. I'm glad your alright. My first accident, i wasn't at fault and my Dad still screamed at me. Hopefully, your Dad doesn't do that to you. I know how you feel.
  9. Well I'm glad you;'re OK....I know how attached we can become to cars. When I traded in my beloved Beetle I actually had a nice goodbye conversation with her and gave her a hug (I was mostly overdramatizing because I mad mad at hubby for trading her in for a truck - but we did need a truck more than a car -)!
  10. Oh my gosh MandM!! I'm really glad to hear you're okay, I know how scary that must have been!!!!! You be careful!:heart:
  11. Oh my :sad: ..... I'm glad you came out of the accident with only minor bumps and bruises. It definitely could have been a lot worse. :yes: I'm sure you will get another car in time. I wouldn't worry about it - try to focus on the positive. :smile:
  12. I'm glad you're ok and here to write this!! It's so sad when a "car friend" is beyond repair. In the past I've kept keys and even a hubcap from an old trusty car I adored. You'll probably be looking wistfully at Altimas just like that one for a long while. Then another car will come along:yes:
  13. I'm happy you came out unscathed. The car can and will be replaced.
  14. Glad to hear you're OK, MandM.
  15. i'm glad to hear you're ok, hun! i'm sure you're sick of hearing it, but that's what really matters!