Bye Bye Blue Mahala

  1. Well pooh! My blue Mahala came today with a big scratch on the front:cursing:. At first I was so mad because I had been biting my fingernails while waiting for this bag. But when I got it, it was huge! I am not a fan of large bags and this one was really big and really blue!
    Sooo off it went back to Nordies.
    I guess i'm kinda relieved, really. At least now when I go to Las Vegas I will not feel guilty about buying another bag and with 2 Choo boutiques within walking distance I would have had to be chained down!! :wlae:
  2. Oh Jmcadon:crybaby: I am so sorry to hear your bag was scratched. Was it deep enough it wouldn't be able to be buffed out with some conditioner? Maybe you could get a discount:graucho: Nordies will usually try to keep customers happy.
    Well, I will definitely be with you in spirit in LV. I would love to be there to :party::drinkup::party: (shop ):whistle: with you:yes:
  3. It may not have been too deep to buff out, but to tell you the truth, this bag was kind of an impulse buy. I think if it would have been the Maddy I might have fought for a discount. But I was really excited about it...
    Thanks Robyn, but I really think I will console myself in LV next month. The Choo store in the Venitian always has stuff on sale, so maybe I can get another pair of shoes too.:cutesy:
  4. Well, maybe I should give you my cell phone number.
    When you find some bags and shoes on sale call me, hand them to the clerk and I can call with my CC info:nuts:
  5. Hey,
    Aren't you and Samantha up kinda late? It is 8:30 here and I am almost nodding off! If I can find a computer in Vegas, I will let you guys know if I find any great deals! It's true both the Choo boutiques are right across the street from each other there (although the strip is 6 lanes wide now) DH will be working while we are there and I don't gamble soooo whoo-hoo! The shopping in Ceasars is to die for! Roberto Cavalli, Blumarine, Manolo...I can't wait! My b-day is 9-19 so yippeeee!:yahoo::yahoo::drinkup:
  6. Are you telling us it is time for bed?:roflmfao:

    If I were going to Vegas the shops and shows would be the hilights for me. Love Blumarine:heart:Did I mention I was jealous?
  7. ok, so i am relatively new to the purseforum, but have recently found a ridiculous obsession with handbags! a few thoughts...first off, i was just in vegas, and i agree the jimmy choo store is amazing! i was in the caesar's forum one, and got a pair of shoes that were to DIE for!! i've already worn them once, and had 4 random people comment on them. :wlae:definitely made them feel like they were worth every penny!
    now, my question for you after reading your thread about the blue mahala...i am new to the whole jimmy choo bag phenomenon, but i'm curious, is the maddy smaller than the mahala? and do you love your maddy?? i'm contemplating getting one, but i have to work myself up to it, b/c i just went on a handbag rampage, and feel like i should slow down. but that jimmy choo handbag is calling me! and i thought i wanted the mahala, but after seeing your comment, now i'm not sure! especially since i'm a petite 5'2". please share your thoughts and expertise?! :yes:
    btw, i'm so thrilled to have found this forum and this thread!!
  8. Welcome Darlie:welcome: Glad you decided to join us:yahoo:
    As for the Maddy vs the Mahala, I am 5'1 and I prefer the Mahala. I had the red maddy and a black mahala which I have since sold. I kept my newest liquid patent mahala (of course) because I love the size. I am sure you will get feedback on both and it is all personal preference. I don't carry a lot in my bags (back problems:push:smile: but I just found the maddy too small for my taste. I carry a wallet, make-up bag, cell phone and keys and that's it!
    My suggestion would be to go to a boutique and try both. If you don't have a boutique near you (as I don't) order one of each and then return the one you don't care for as much. (Make sure to order from someplace who refunds the money bluefly, net porter, Nordies, NM, SFA etc.)
    Feel free to ask any other questions and also check the members bag thread. Samantha has some photos modeling her maddy & mahala. She is taller than us (better legs than most of us) but yuo can get an idea. I also have some photos of me modeling the Mahala, so that might help too.
    Good luck and we are so glad to have you here:flowers:
  9. Bummer about the Mahala, but I am so jealous of the shopping you're going to get to do! Have an amazing time!!!!!!! :yahoo:And show us pics. of your new purchases....of which I'm sure there will be one or two. ;)
  10. Sorry about the scratch on the Mahala. Happy shopping in LV. I am5'3" and the Mahala is a bit big, but it was comfortable on my shoulder. The Maddy felt too small.
  11. thanks robynbenz for your input! i actually called the JC boutique today and after talking to the SA, decided to go with the new plum colored mahala! :yahoo: i'm on vacation right now, and i can't wait to get home now b/c my new mahala should be arriving by monday or tuesday!
    but your comments make me think i probably made the right decision for me!
    thanks again!! :happydance: reading all the posts made me really decide to take the dive and purchase the bag...and now, i'm officially on ban for awhile. that's 3 handbags in the past month! but i think i'm least for awhile. ;)
  12. Congrats on you new Mahala:yahoo:
    When you said plum mahala, did you mean the liquid patent mahala like mine:nuts:
    I am sure You will LOVE her and we will look forward to modeling photos:choochoo:
    ITA w/ Ronsdiva in the Mahala can be worn on the shoulder much more comfortably too. The maddy just didn't feel right when I tried to hike it up onto my shoulder.:cursing:
  13. jmcadon, we will be eagerly awaiting your report from Vegas. Happy Shopping!

    Welcome darlie:smile: Congratulations on your recent Jimmy Choo purchase. Way to kick of your Jimmy Choo collection:woohoo:That is one gorgeous bag!
  14. I really love the style of the Mahala/Maddy bags. I do want to get another, but this time I want to try it first. I love the size of my Maddy, but like I have said, I like smaller bags. You are right tho Robynbenz, it does fit high up there on my shoulder. My Radiant seems huge, but I love it sooo much I'm gonna use it as a weekend tote.
    Welcome Darlie...I'm not the new girl anymore!!!:yahoo:
  15. So sorry to hear there was a scratch!! I am a HUGE fan of the Mahala... think I may get one :yes: