Bye Bye Birthday!

  1. Today is my birthday and I only have an hour and a half left before the clock strikes twelve and I turn into a pumpkin. I thought id share my last hour with you guys. Another year older and none the wiser.:smile:
  2. :party: Happy Birthday! :party:
  3. Happy Birthday!:rochard: Hope you had a great day!
  4. Happy Birthday!
  5. :wlae: HaPPy BiRtHDay!!!!!!:yahoo:
  6. :party::cutesy: Happy Birthday!!! :tender::jammin::yahoo::wlae:
  7. Hope you had a great birthday!
  8. Happy Birthday - hope you had a fab day!!:flowers:
  9. Happy Birthday!
  10. Happy Birthday:yahoo:
  11. :party:Happy Birthday, hope you enjoyed it.
  12. Happy Belated Birthday!
  13. :yahoo: happy b-day! :yahoo:
  14. Hope you had a great Birthday!!
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