Bye All My Fellow Coach Babes...

  1. I just want to say bye before I go tomorrow (for Williamsburg)..I'll only be gone for like 3 days. But that seems like any eternity from here. I will miss you all soo much. I'll be thinking of ya'll when I'm browsing the Coach Outlet. I'll post everything I purchase when I get back...Talk to ya'll later.:crybaby: Missing everybody already!
  2. See ya soon! Bring back something nice!
  3. Have fun!
  4. Have a nice vacation!
  5. Have a wonderful time. I hope you find all the things you are looking for. :smile:
  6. Hope you have a wonderful time :smile:
  7. safe trip!!
  8. LOL omg I know what you're talking about.. it's like 3 days without PF?? I can't make it!! But don't worry you'll have plenty of great shopping to keep you busy & we can't wait to see all the pics afterwards!! Have a great time! :flowers:
  9. Have a great time! I;m looking forward to seeing your pictures already.
  10. Have fun & be safe! :biggrin: Can't wait to see your outlet purchases!
  11. Eeek! I'm so jealous! Have a blast and make sure to buy lots of goodies to show off to us! :o)
  12. Have fun!!!
  13. Have a Great Time!!
  14. Ah memories....the Williamsburg outlet used to be the only one in the whole state! So a trip to the Coach outlet was a Really Big Deal for me the last time I was down there (8 years ago -- wow!). There's a Dooney outlet in that same strip mall, IIRC, so maybe they'll have something nice there as well. Have fun and happy hunting!
  15. Oh my gosh you will have so much fun! Can't wait to share in your joy.