By the way...(spotted at TJ Maxx)

  1. today were the Holiday 2005 Patchwork Demis for $99.

    That is all!
  2. I went to one of the local TJMaxx's here and there was no Coach at all. Only one Doney and Bourke and a lot of other more regular bags like Nine West, Baby Phat, Kathy van Zeeland
  3. I saw one the last time I went too.
  4. I spotted and snagged the white/gold signature duffle. It's sooo cute I just couldn't leave it there. It was only 149 marked down from 258. I don't have an outlet near by so this was a steal for me.
  5. Yeah, I saw them and got one for my daughter. So cute.
  6. Were they at Almaden? I haven't been there in ages. I rarely see any Coach at the Santa Clara tjmaxx.
  7. Yep Almaden! They were on the end closest to the wall, and there were 4 of them! Good luck if you get one!

    I saw that duffle dorcell mentioned about a month ago, I had it in my hand but gave it up to another shopper.