By the time everyone

  1. manages to get the elusive "Chloe Paddington" - the demand will all but disappear - Chloe has some hot new models out as I write this - If you are like I am (The quest for the hard to get bag is most of the fun) then, once obtained, on to the next conquest. (something like the dating game).
  2. It’s spooky how well you know how we all think;) It’s like being brainwashed :wacko: and the most scary part is that I like it:nuts:
  3. lol I just like the bag. I wish it were more readily available...I've only been waiting around a month but I'm already starting to lose interest. I am impatient and hate waiting!!!
  4. Many of us are on the same wave length with this handbag chase - I think I just put it out there to think about.
  5. I can promise you that the Chloe Paddington is definitely worth waiting for, I looove mine:love:
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