By the skin of my teeth PCE Reveal


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Feb 7, 2009
i have been looking at this bag for a while and when someone posted ast week that it was off the website, i knew i had to get crackin. i called my local to see if i could get them to find one for me to use my PCE before its expiration, they gratefully said, yes we have 1.

i said can you hold it, i will be right over. they held it, i ran over and got and while i was pulling my PCE out of its envelope, my SA noticed a drawing of a new bag thats coming out. we discussed it and i let her know the situation about its not available ...yada yada yada and she said she could order it for me in the NEW backorder system and i could still use my PCE. you will see it in the last pic .

so heres my reveal and reveal to come. the last pic is the new emmerson n/s tote in sunflower. another limited production. only 217 in that color. the SA said they fullfil backorders first, then go to flagship stores, then the regular stores. this is why they may only get two, one or none...b/c they do save some for the website

here goes:


Aug 21, 2008
Eastern Iowa
Like the bag you ordered. I think this bag will be most successfull in all leather and tone on tone!!! The others (like the signature) are just OK, but this is gorgeous!!!


Feb 11, 2009
Bag Heaven
It looks great on you! Like you, I decided I wanted this bag AFTER it was unavailable. I called the SA at my nearest Coach and she located one in Vegas and let me buy it over the phone using PCE. It is now on its way to me:yahoo:!