By Terry Cosmetics

  1. I've been looking everywhere online for this refillable lipgloss case by By Terry and can't find it anywhere. Any suggestions on where I might find it? By the way, I'm in the U.S.

  2. Have you tried calling Barneys New York or Henri Bendel in NY? I believe both stores carry the "by Terry" line...
  3. Thanks! I'll give them a try.
  4. I called, and Barney's doesn't have them anymore and Henri Bendel doesn't carry By Terry.:sad: If anyone in France has seen these, would you consider picking one up for me and I'll send you the payment?
  5. eluxury has some items. check them out. also, free shipping until end of march with "mode" code! :o)
  6. Thanks, Amy. I did actually end up ordering the lipgloss on eLux. They don't have the little silver case, though.
  7. oops! i guess elux doesn't have what you are looking for. but i found a lipgloss that i like!! thanks for the made me look!
  8. I haven't read this entire thread but just saw this and wanted to let you know that Barney's does carry By Terry. Call Alex at 212-833-2725. I just received some samples from her a couple days ago. I was there in August and bought quite a bit of the By Terry line. I really love it!!

    EDIT: Oh, I just saw that it is a particular By Terry item you're looking for. But go ahead and give Alex a call. She is so helpful and maybe she can get it for you or let you know if it is still made, etc.
  9. perhaps different barneys will carry more products? I know I saw more selection in the NY location than LA.