by request...the ellipse & me

  1. I understand completely...proportion is everything.

    Here we are together - unfortunately Mlle. Ellipse and I are kinda the same shape!
  2. Love it!! It is such a unique style. Thanks for posting these pics - you should add them to the Visual Aides sticky!
  3. Both you and the bag look FANTASTIC!!!:love: CONGRATS and enjoy the bag in good health!:yes:
  4. Good idea - done :P
  5. Beautiful! It looks like it was made for you!
  6. Looks great!
  7. This bag looks terrific on you! Enjoy it!
  8. You look sexy with it!!!
  9. looking HOT!!!
  10. You both look great!! :flowers:
  11. You two look great together. ;)
  12. You and your Ellipse look wonderful! "We" are not all meant to be petit.... I favor my Ellipse Shopping! Baahaahaahaahaa.
  13. Both you and the bag look GREAT :yes:

  14. those shoes are cute!!

    (the bag too...LOL)
  15. Great bag! It looks fabulous on you!