By request: Blacklight *PICS*

  1. Enjoy them:
    vuitton_004.jpg vuitton_005.jpg vuitton_006.jpg vuitton_007.jpg vuitton_008.jpg vuitton_009.jpg vuitton_010.jpg vuitton_011.jpg vuitton_012.jpg
  2. OMG Irene, those are incredible pics! Did you take them?
  3. That's realy cool !!!thanks for sharing Irene
  4. No, I wish!!! They are taken by hardLVcore!, I am just helping her to post them.:smile:
  5. Thank you Irene for posting my pics!:flowers: They are of the grey millenium bracelet and the red agenda. I figured since I was already in the closet, I'd do the Robert Wilson too! I had a nice mini LV rave, thanks to vuittonloverintemp!!! Hope you like them!:lol:
  6. How cool! Wow!
  7. YEAH!!! Those pics are so AMAZING!!:tender: I LOVE THEM! Now I am definitely jealous...I want the black light agenda!!!! Thanks again for the pics, I'm glad you enjoyed your LV Rave!:supacool:
  8. Awesome pic's thanks for sharing.
  9. *Chanelling Paris Hilton* That's hot!
  10. The pics (and the LV) are TDF! :yes:
  11. Cool!
  12. Mini LV rave! That's cute hardLVcore!

    Man hardLVcore! you have the best LV collection ever
  13. Great pics! Thanks for sharing :smile:
  14. Nice pix... Thanks for sharing.
  15. :wtf: that is awesome!