By George, I think I've got it!!!

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  1. I've been stumped for months over the age old question of how many Hermes bags does one girl need. Well, need/want = need to have to have the realistically ultimate city girl handbag collection who occasionally is in the country.

    Today, when I sat down to brush my hair and spritz on a fragrance, it hit me! I have a fragrance for every mood and situation that I enjoy...each and every one has something different about it that makes me reach for it over one of the others. Then I looked at my handbag collection...and it's the same way! I just bought a new fragrance the other day, but only because it really knocked me over at the counter when I was buying some face cream, and i hadn't bought any for at least a year before that. Also, coincidentally I just made a few handbag purchases too.

    Am I the only one? What fragrances and bags do you have in your wardrobe? I thought it would be fun to see if we could match them up. I'll start:

    Fragrance - Handbag

    miracle forever, lancome new pink bag coming soon!
    extravagance by givenchy toile birkin
    bvlgari (tall green bottle) gold kelly
    j'adore by christian dior croc kelly
    jp gaultier (summery) gold birkin
    burberry for women black 35 birkin
    trouble by boucheron black clutch
    bvlgari (little round bottle) big birkin tote
    marc jacobs (square w/bow) large black kelly
    carolina herrera vintage bag coming soon!

    Ahem, I left one fragrance off the list, because I have no bag to match it!!! Could this be why I still scour inventory looking, looking for something? It's dior addict, christian dior....:wlae:

    Tell me what's in your closet! lol.
  2. Oh no!!!.....I have only one fragrance! I'm devoted to Chanel 5 which would have to pair up with my vintage Croc Kelly, I think.
  3. ^^ lol shopmom, but you always buy black box!!! Make sense? (except for maroon fonce or chocolate!)
  4. That's fun, Sophie! Although I don't wear as many fragrances, there might be some pairings from my boudoir that spring to mind...

    Let's see --

    06130 Cedre or Costes - black swift birkin & black box kelly
    06130 Yuzu - 28 miel croc kelly
    Acqua di Biella No 1 - cognac chevre birkin & barenia natural kelly
    Acqua di Biella Janca - 28 raisin box kelly
    Rose Ikebana - BJ togo birkin
  5. lol I have about 10 fragrances, but after I buy a new one that I like, the old one gets retired! I'm loyal to Hermes Rose Ikebana right now :biggrin:
  6. you can never have too many Hermes ANYTHING.............kind of like jewelry
  7. I only wear one fragrance and all my bags are either black togo or black box. OMG you are on to something here!!!!

    I've tried other fragrances but hand them off to friends and family after a few days wearing and return to my original. Just like with other Hermes colors that I've tried and subsequently sold or given away.
  8. I am a 1 or 2 fragance kind of woman. Mine is Coco Mademoiselle
  9. Lately I'm wearing 24, Faubourg and Cartier Delices; it seems the Cartier goes with my vermillion kelly and the 24, as it's a bit stronger (though my body lotion keeps it light), goes with my ostrich bolide! Kind of fun to think about!
  10. it would be helpful for me if people described the gragrance instead of just the name as I am not familiar with most of point being that floral, fruity, masculine etc might be more informative ........i love perfume but dont know most of these
  11. Goody, it's not just me I think.

    Okay, for fragrance descriptions here are what my choices are like and what mood I chose them for:

    dior addict - spicy but sweet, the one I went in looking for something new that reminded me of a sex goddess
    (in a chic, elegant way of course!)

    miracle forever - my newest choice, a hint of sweetness with a very fresh air about it, but no flowery/vanilla smell.

    extravagance by givenchy - very feminine in a sharp distinct way, sweet with a hint of spice, good to do anything frivolous or pleasurable in, too strong for work

    (none of these are floral fragrances. mostly sweet, spicy but all light except for trouble)

    j'adore - a happy, feminine light fragrance

    jp gaultier (in a bottle shaped like a woman's figure) - no-alcohol summer fragrance, light with a little spiciness

    burberry - a good fragrance for work, not sexy

    trouble by boucheron - something you definitely wear to seduce someone! spicy.

    carolina hererra - very heady, elegant and feminine in a strong way

    bvlgari (tall green bottle) - very green, crisp and fresh, upscale

    bvlgari, little round brown bottle - low key, a little spicy, good for work

    mar jacobs, square bottle with black bow - crisp, sweet, and sharp all at the same time, great for work when you want people to take notice in a positive, knockout way

    This brings to mind why I like black and tan so much...very sexy and iconic maybe. I am loving reading your responses, it is very interesting to see what fragrances you all wear too!:yes:
  12. I only wear Hermes Jardin sur le Nil (Fresh, clean, slightly fruity scent)
    My Kelly loves it!
  13. greentea, that sounds delish, i'll have to try it on!
  14. Hummm...I always wear Opium. Can't seem to get past it. Even though my dd gives me other fragrances...I keep comming back. Not real certain that I want to know what that says!
  15. All descriptions from

    06130 Cedre - A warm, light, sensuous fragrance... Cedar and sandalwood expertly blended with musk, amber, spice and a whisper of violet. cedar wood, sandalwood, musk, vetiver, nutmeg, cardamom, bergamot, violet, mandarin, amber.

    Costes - Costes is dark, sultry, warm and mysterious. This French-kissed eau de toilette perfectly balances woods and rare spices to create a devastatingly sexy first impression. lavender, bay-tree, coriander, white pepper, rose, incense, woods and light musc.

    06130 Yuzu - Refreshing, sophisticated, unusual. A bright citrus burst of Japanese yuzu fruit, grapefruit and verbena is melded with the warm sweetness of black currant and damascena rose for a fragrance that is light, but not simple. Truly elegant, with a hint of spiciness to add depth. Crisp and distinctive. yuzu, cassis, grapefruit, verbena, damascena rose, nutmeg, bergamot, cardamom, musk, moss, gray amber.

    Acqua di Biella, No. 1 - An Italian classic. A favorite of aristocrats and intellectuals. Created in 1871 and produced by the same family ever since, Acqua di Biella No. 1 has won numerous awards throughout Europe and was honored in 1878 with the coat of arms of the Savoia Royal Family. This is a fragrance with a pedigree. A clean, brisk blend of sharp citrus, herbs, mint and fresh Alpine blossoms. petitgrain, neroli, jasmine, rosemary, lavender, bergamot, mint, musk.

    Acqua di Biella, Janca - A crystalline floral with old world grace and effortless beauty. Named for the river close to the town of Biella, Janca captures the clarity of the water and the mesmerizing scent of the exotic flowers that grow in gardens nearby. Absolutely exquisite, this has the fragile glory of tissue thin silk or fine porcelain. Delicate osmanthus and magnolia blend with regal iris and subtle fruit notes over soft spice and musk. Enchantingly intricate, this precisely balances the coolness of the river, the sweet creaminess of the blossoms and the warmth of the sun on the earth. Elegant and timeless. Florentine iris, peach, tamarind, mandarin, lime blossom, osmanthus, magnolia, cardamom, musk, cedar, patchouli.