by any chance does someone have a comparison of the MBMJ hillier sizes?

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  1. I have the small hillier hobo and was wondering how much bigger was the larger size. I am 5 feet and love big bags. But, is it that much bigger? Are there any threads with modeling pics perhaps of the larger hillier? thanks:biggrin:
  2. There are tons of threads devoted to the Hillier! Have you tried doing a search?
  3. hi blackonmaroon. Yes, I did try. But I don't see any comparison ones or to many modeling ones. I could be wrong and missed something. :cry: I will continue searching. It can't be that much bigger. I found a pic of kate beckinsale and I think she is carrying the big one. I would love the same one she has

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  4. i am super curious about this...cos as far as i know...there's only one size...been to a couple of counters and when i asked for a smaller size, am told it comes only in one size...and that one size is too huge for would love this in a smaller size...

    does anyone know what is it called in the smaller size? or how to differentiate them?

  5. Hey Shop, I did a google search for "marc by marc jacobs hillier" this is what I got-
    Dr. Q Hillier: 10” wide across bottom, 14” wide across center, 12.5” wide across top x 2.5” deep x 14” high.
    Classic Hillier: 15"W X 16"H X 4½"D
    Medium: 13" x 14"x 24.5". 8" handle drop
    Huge Hillier:17" wide across bottom, 15" wide across top x 7" deep x 17" high

    *no idea if that helps but I suggest doing a google search- you will probably stumble across a fair amount of photos :smile:
  6. I'm 5'3 and medium framed (curvy or chubby depending on who's judging...haha) and here is the huge hillier hobo on me:
  7. ooooooooooh great thread!! i've been wondering too. :nuts:

    here's what i've found so far as i've been on a search too:
    courtesy of rachieface, i think she's petite (5') and this is the smaller version

    miley with her huge hiller (i think it's the huge)


    random girls with one, unsure of the sizes:


    this is from gals blogspot, it measures 14" or so...

  8. a few more:

    ^marcia cross
  9. thanks PG. Mine is the smaller of the saddle. Ooooo the huge looks perfect on you. I am aiming for the huge them. Sophiac, yes there are 2 sizes.I have the smaller one. I think the smaller one is about 100 dollars less. I hope that helps. Thanks so much ladies for the help as well. I just love this bag.
  10. jun, absolutely gorgeous. Thank you. I have decided my next one will be the huge. Breathtaking
  11. what color are you planning on getting??
  12. I want to get the black. Now, that I see how gorgeous the huge ones look. I am obsessed. That pic of leighton meister is gorgeous.
  13. LOL! i think it's just stunning in the black. im personally digging the electric violet :rolleyes: