By all the holy bats in heck

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  1. I am so shallowly sitting here on my obsessed butt I cannot get up. I keep checking the Bay, coming back here, checking out revolve and that yellow MAM they've got, and coming back here, and trolling the Bay, and checking out LB again, and staring at the FLL web site photo of the 'original' black basketweave that they apparently don't have, checking the Bay, checking out the yellow MAM on revolve, coming back here, eating virtual ice cream with katlun, imagining punching out the Fedex yahoo who didn't deliver her bag, checking out the Bay, drooling over the yellow MAM on revolve (crap, I just slobbered ice cream on it), trolling the Bay (NO NO NO NO NO I do NOT like blue patent, I don't like patent at all YES I DO YES I DO NO I DON'T


    STOP the madness!
  2. :yahoo:Lol I feel you !!
  3. :sos:
  4. Hey, have you been spying on me India? That sounds waaaayyyy too familiar! Oh, btw, I am visiting over here from Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, and the occasional Hayden-Harnett. Got my first RM today from the bay. The blue MAM with patent trim. I LOVE it! more more more more.......:graucho::graucho:
  5. Yeah, I've pretty much abandoned my life for the last week. I'm wondering when I'm going to return to the world. :s
  6. I had the same problem which got me to buy the MAM in Dusty and the Tangy which I never thought I would right now I am holding it off, until I see something that would wow me....
  7. I know! It's like we've got RM OCD. I keep clicking, clicking, clicking, clicking, clicking... :wacko:
  8. Same here... I only wish there are more local stores that carry RMs so I don't have to constantly looking online for the one I want.
  9. "Oh my God, I hate that colour... oh but it's only starting at $299... so maybe I actually do like it! Oh yes, I do like it! Now i'm going to go look at that colour that I hated but now love even though it doesn't match anything that i own on lunaboston, where it costs $625. maybe i should just buy it there! Wait what am I talking about, why would I pay $625 for a colour I can't stand? Why don't I just buy that other one that I really love?"

    "Gotta check ebay again... for the fifth time... in a minute... sure something new must have been listed in that period of time! What, nothing? How come people aren't listing their bags??"

    I think my RM addiction is getting to be the same level as my bal addiction was!
  10. I feel you. I absolutely love coming to the purse forum and figuring out what my next bag will be or just looking at pics. I regularly check all the stores online that carry RM since I live in the midwest there is really no chance of seeing them in person! My night blue mam pretty much sleeps with me... she sits on a pillow on my bed and I periodically stare at her while I type or surf the web when I'm at home. My speedy 25 goes completely unused and I am constantly dreaming about what will show up in the sample sale. This has to be addiction at its worst!
  11. LOL!!! This is probably the funniest post ever. I think nearly everyone on here can identify with it :yes:
  12. OMG yes its RMOCD!!!! click click click.. all i want is someo to tell me what color leathers were in the warehouse....ugh......
  13. It's called obsession... I suffer from it also :amuse:
  14. Prozac helps! and an empty wallet and a psychiatrist husband.
  15. LoL~ looking at my CC statement still does not turn me off~ TRUST ME!~

    maybe i need to get my BF to become a psychiatrist.... :hrmm: