Bwahaha...YOU GUYS are going to throw tomatoes at me

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  1. For all the bashing I did of Miroir.......

    I think I actually kinda like it. :crybaby:

    Don't hate me :supacool:

    The weirdest part was getting the call from my boutique saying my gold speedy was ready to be picked up. I was like huh?? Then I remembered I was on the waitlist. So, I thought eh, why not, I'll go down and will hate it....right?

    I went down there......and loved it. Something about just fabulous. The It just makes a statement....before I knew it, I was envisioning me walking around with it...and all was lost at that point.

    Oh man, am I a sucker.

  2. :lol: Welcome to the club!!
  3. Pics please!!!! Congrats by the way! :smile:
  4. Well... looks like you caught the bug! That's why I never try to pass judgment on something until I see it in person. You never know what will just steal your heart away!
  5. I will take pics this weekend.

    She's still in my car.
  6. I won't throw tomatoes, I'll put them in your "humble pie"...j/k!:P
    I'm glad you like it.:flowers: I think it's a line that looks better IRL.
    I have died with how beautiful all the girls here have looked with theirs.:love:
  7. Everyones entitled to change their minds,enjoy your new bag.:yahoo:
  8. LOL Now you must go back in all of your threads and fess up that your an owner now! LOL

  9. Congrats!!!
    Cant wait to see your pics!
  10. You are so cute! I'm glad you got a bag you love. Congrats!
  11. hiding from your beloved SO? haha
  12. glad it worked out for you and more glad you love it!!!
  13. No, no, not hiding from the SO. He actually said, if you like it, go for it. Also, it didn't help that he bought 1,200 dollar rims for his motorcycle the same day. Haha
  14. LoL That's what I do! :roflmfao: :shame:
  15. LOL...welcome to the club!