Bwahaha...YOU GUYS are going to throw tomatoes at me

Nov 21, 2006
For all the bashing I did of Miroir.......

I think I actually kinda like it. :crybaby:

Don't hate me :supacool:

The weirdest part was getting the call from my boutique saying my gold speedy was ready to be picked up. I was like huh?? Then I remembered I was on the waitlist. So, I thought eh, why not, I'll go down and will hate it....right?

I went down there......and loved it. Something about just fabulous. The It just makes a statement....before I knew it, I was envisioning me walking around with it...and all was lost at that point.

Oh man, am I a sucker.



Sep 26, 2006
I won't throw tomatoes, I'll put them in your "humble pie"...j/k!:P
I'm glad you like it.:flowers: I think it's a line that looks better IRL.
I have died with how beautiful all the girls here have looked with theirs.:love: