BVs on sale at

  1. Shirise is having a huge sale. Bottega Veneta Marquise bags are 20% off. Tons of Bottega shoes (am watching to see if prices drop more:graucho:)

    I'm going to put this in Steals and Deals, but I wanted to alert you all here first!....
  2. ...also should add that there is free shipping and no tax for those outside of Illinois...:tup:
  3. Marly, thank you for the heads up! Looks like they have Limo Veneta too :drool:
  4. they have the thong sandals I really want 20% off. I guess I am lucky they don't ship here and I don't have a cc.....
  5. bluefly also has those bags for sale- cheaper too.
  6. Thanks for the heads up Marly!!!