BV's "new" designer

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  1. #1 Apr 11, 2020
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2020
    I haven't been here in a very long time, but I feel I must say what I've been thinking for some time.
    I've been a collector of BV since shortly after Tomas Maier became creative director and reinvented the label. It was glorious for so many years.
    Since he left and Daniel Lee took over, I barely recognize the brand. He seems to think that making jumbo weaves is all he has to do. I don't see one original idea in the line.
    I've not bought a BV bag since he started designing.
    I'm curious to know if anyone else is as disappointed as I.
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  2. I like the Jodie but as I've said before it's a reissue bag and Lee didn't design it. I have 2 already, one from the 1990s and another even older, both inherited.

    The others look a bit more like I'd expect from contemporary wardrobe rather than at BV prices.

    I'm also bitterly disappointed that BV has done a printed croc. I feel it dents BV's reputation and again gives the impression of 'fashion-over-style' and there are enough brands that already do that.
  3. I feel, sadly, that BV is no longer classic and timeless.
  4. I buy the old, vintage bags! New ones are overpriced and under done in comparison to vintage.
    But, just look how fabulous the vintage Bottega bags have held up! Don’t despair! :graucho:
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  5. I’ve been a Bottega Veneta collector since I’ve been able to afford it, Tomas Maier’s designs are classic and timeless. Daniel Lee’s designs are fast food fashion and I don’t like anything he has designed. Just like Gucci has turned into a freak show under Alessandro Michele, after taking over from Frida Giannini.
  6. I didn’t know the Jodie was a reissue! Thank you for sharing that info. It’s also my favorite from BV at the moment.
    Do you mind posting pix of your vintage Jodies? Would love to see them
  7. I might be the odd one here but I like the new collection in general. Not the pouch because I don’t find it practical but love the new bigger intrecciato. I feel the new designs look more modern. I was never into the classic veneta bag for example but now I’m obsessed with the Jodie.
    I also like the arco bag and the cassette although i won’t be purchasing any. But I admire them from distance :smile:
    I do agree that the prices are ridiculous though
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  8. I think I keep posting them. The older one is Intrecciato and the size looks to be between the 54cm size and the Maxi although I haven't worn it for a while I remember I can easily wear it cross-body. No picture coz it's 'somewhere' but I should get it out, I like hobos especially in the Summer.

    This is the 1990s - and is smaller (not a mini) smooth lamb, and as you can see, has a little purse that is sewn-in:

    Attached Files:

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  9. Thank you for posting the picture again :smile:. Hadn’t see it in your previous posts and I’m usually not very knowledgeable on how to search people’s older posts.
    The leather looks very beautiful. I’m impressed by the quality after so many years
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  10. No worries, I think I used a different photo this time anyway ;)

    Thank you, the leather is amazing but it is lamb so I'm carful (I see the new ones are lamb too).
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  11. This year most fashion brands pulled out old designs and reinvented them. Seems to be the new trend now. I’m thinking of Celine, Dior, even Hermes and many others. I kind of like it. Old classics with a twist
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  12. +1!
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  13. It’s sad isn’t it? I know there are fans of the new designs but I would never buy a single one of them.
  14. I keep trying to like the new BV bags. I’m finally accepting it’s not happening. For some reason the new designs have lost their understated-ness. How ironic, the very problem that led to TM’s departure is what I liked.
  15. #15 Apr 12, 2020
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2020
    I also tried to embrace the new BV. I bought small pouches and the suede Arco tote. The pouches are gone. The Arco tote was to be a shopping bag but hasn’t left the car trunk except for a couple of shopping trips when I first bought it......while my TM BV’s are going strong, still in great shape and looking classic.