BV's have their own personalities

  1. I just paid off my Visa yesterday. Taking a breather to think it over and then will decide.
  2. i commend your restraint and thoughtful way you are approaching your collection. it is easy to get into the "gotta have it" mindset and no matter what the price point these things are hardly free. believe me there will always be another great style and color. i have rarely been disappointed by waiting.
  3. He's always happy to promote BV! Have appointment with my dermatologist tomorrow. Then I will know if I can spring for the violet iron this month. Fingers crossed. I can fill my wrinkles and my BV desires, but probably not in the same month!!! :smile:

  4. :lolots: Bear in mind that the iron bag in violet may possibly appear on sale somewhere
    later in the season. You may want to stalk the bag for awhile..
  5. diane- be careful. it is easy to get sucked into a lot of spending.

    if you want the iron bag it is certainly up to you just seems like you really wanted to slow down and think about things a bit and cabachon is correct- it may turn up on sale-
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    I am going to wait. I love the color but do tend to use the same bag day-in day-out, as it's just simpler. I haven't even used the gray one I bought yet and am using the large blue tote for the first time today. The only reason for that is that I need to carry too much today to use my basic go-to brown tote, which is much smaller. Where I live, I don't know anyone else who has BV or even knows about it. LV is really big here, both authentic and obviously bad fakes. There is no physical access unless I drive at least three hours and that helps serve as a deterrent. If I didn't have the internet, I'd have no access at all. I think if I lived closer to a physical store, I'd probably get myself into more trouble!!
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    Admission : I probably don't appreciate my medium tourmaline veneta enough (it's the size, really).

    But the theme of this thread got me thinking about its role in my collection &, well, it became clear that my med veneta is really the "faithful companion" of the bunch.
    Patient & unassuming, it goes wherever I go & never makes a fuss ... even if it's just another tedious trip to the grocery store:
    IMG_0136.JPG IMG_0143.JPG IMG_0146.JPG
  8. I think the colour matches your stroller very well! BV has been very good to me whenever I have days of feeling frumpy and mundane (very easy to fall into that when one has 2 young ones!)
    Just having the veneta with me lights up my mood instantly and jazzes up my most "mommy" outfit.

    And I can see that your medium veneta prob does the same for you too. Lovely colour again by the way. Makes me crave a tourmaline campana right now as we speak.
  9. Thank you &, yes, - Absolutely - always nice to bring a thing of beauty along. :yes:

    There's a picture of a tourmaline large campana Ay carumba, it's so beautiful in tourmaline.
  10. A town in Northern Italy has been near and dear to my heart after my first trip there many years ago... :girlsigh: Fond memories of noshing on this amazing cheese at a reception at the Torrechiara Castle high above the Po Valley.
  11. I have no idea what to expect. Can we see it soon, please?
  12. She is sitting in a FedEx office waiting for pick-up. I'll have here in my possession on Friday. I'm in Lubbock, TX for business and get home late tonight. I am so eager to pick up this bag. I will offer one more hint, think about the name of a town in Northern Italy. The photo is a big hint... JBurgh should be able to figure this one out.
  13. Hi,

    I'm very new to BV and I love that cross body! what's it called?

  14. Hi, Doodle...
    Welcome! The dark grey bag was purchased on eBay. I don't know the style name. I did see a dark brown one on eBay the other day.

    I do have some history on it. They must have been from a 1988 or 1989 line. Mine was originally purchased at NM in 1989 and had never been used. (I was sent the original tags and sales slip with the purchase.) In 1989, it retailed for $700. Oh, the joy of inflation! On top of that, it had been marked down twice to $249. I know...don't I wish I had been at that sale! Yes, I did pay more than the original price but I feel it was worth least to me, it was. Besides being unused, it is dark favorite neutral color.
  15. I looked up the item number for the bag on eBay and it's 180965760015.