BVs bought and returned, or re-sold

  1. Are there any BVs you acquired that you didn't end up liking? Which were they, and why?
  2. I have to say that so far I have three: the Veneta maxi studded hobo in black, the club stripe Montaigne in the red/coral colour, and the Roma in dark brown .... and love them all!
  3. Not for me so far either... but then I really just keep buying the same bag in different colours so I KNOW I am going to like each one!
  4. I admit I bought and exchanged the maxi studded hobo, I still love the bag but needed the funds for a python cocker and I already had the large nero campana.
  5. I got a basket tote with eyelet trim from the outlet, and ended up selling it. It was just an awkward size and shape from me, even though it was adorable. It was this one, but in black:
  6. ive sold two of my bv tokyo bags and ive always regretted selling those ...
  7. Nope. I have a noce Pyramid and an ebano Campana and I can't imagine parting with either.

    But I gravitate toward classic rather than fashiony styles.
  8. I have been less fickle with my BV bags than with other brands. The only bag I have returned (other than being sent the wrong color by BF) is the campana. I personally didn't like the way it looked on me. I sold my ball bag due to the fact I didn't want two ebano bags but I still loved the style.
    I plan on keeping my 2 venetas, pyramid and tote forever.
  9. BVs are the first bags I would never ever consider to sell because I just love them so much. I had to return a bag because of a quality issue and all other bags of this line had the sam problem but I got a refund immediately. I own the pyramid in noce and the ball bag in ebano and because those bags are classics I'll have them forever.
  10. i've not bought a single bv that i was able to part with!
  11. I bought my two BV bags with the intention of reselling either one or both of them.

    I ended up keeping both as I couldn't bear to part with them!
  12. It's just too hard to part with any of my BV bags.
  13. like most of you here, i cannot imagine parting with any of my bv items - whether bags or shoes!
  14. The only item I regret is the veneta I bought on eBay. I would sell that but as for the others, never. I know that I will still be wearing them when I'm 55!
  15. I have a pretty large collection, and now, other than dress bags and exotics, I pretty much just use my cabats. So I've decided to sell some of the others, because I think they should be worn and enjoyed!
    I have some on eBay, but I won't say which ones because I don't want to violate the rules.
    (I'd love to have been able to sell them the TPF members, but the selling club is kept pretty restricted. Oh well!)