Bvlgari Sunglasses

  1. Hi! I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but they come from a jewelry store so I figured I'd ask about them here.

    I recently found the PERFECT sunglasses for me, but just my luck the only pair was badly damaged. So I'm on the hunt for them online. Does anyone know where I can get an authentic pair of Bvlgari sunglasses? I tried and found them but only in black and I'm not sure I want the black.


    I have the matching eyeglasses from this collection too.

    I see a lot of places selling them online but am not sure which online retailers I can trust. So if any one has had good experiences ordering from places please share them :smile::heart:

    If Bvlgari corporate and the Sunglass Hut corporate can't locate me a pair this is really my only option.
  2. Hi there! :smile: Okay, this may not work out, but I sure hope it does!! I went shopping at the Pier at Caesar's in Atlantic City, NJ with my mom probably a few months back. There is an upscale, sunglasses retailer there that sells Bvlgari sunnies (my mom purchased a pair), and I know that I saw these there, because I tried them on. :smile: We were definitely some of the only people shopping there haha (some SA at LV even asked us if there was an "occasion" haha, very odd, so even though it was a while back, the lack of shoppers there means that it could be there!! :tup: This is the store and the number:
    Sole Mio

    Let me know if you find them, and good luck!! :tup:
  3. Hi! Thanks for the tip :smile: I am going to call around tomorrow since its kind of late with the holiday and all. The Sole Mio here didn't have them and couldn't check corporate due to the holiday too, ugh! I really want those glasses :cry:

    I found them on but they are over retail! I don't mind paying for them, but if I can get them for retail, I believe they were $650, I'd be happy.
  4. I have Bvlgari Sunglasses, you could try head office and they will track them down for you or the internet and get them online.x
  5. Yes, corporate is going to check tomorrow, and so is the Sunglass hut. I NEED these :roflmfao: I found them on too but in Black and I don't want that color.
  6. ohhh you're gonna have so much fun with those glasses!! i've never seen them in that color before and it kind of makes me chuckle that they were being sold in a jewelry makes sense cuss it has that semi-previous stone on the sides. good luck finding them!
  7. as far as i know, these are all backordered right now.

  8. I've found some from various sources, I'm hoping for more luck tomorrow :nuts:
  9. There is a place in South Beach that I usually frequent for new sunglasses because they are always getting new styles. The store is located on Lincoln Road. It's called Solstice (quite a large chain). I know they have Chanel, Dior, and Gucci for sure as I have purchased all of them from this location. My memory is failing me as to whether they have Bvlgari or not though. The only Bvlgari ones I bought (the black version of the ones you are interested in), I actually bought at the boutique in Bal Harbour because I had a connection there that got me 30% off. LOL

    K, I'm delirious so sorry for the rambling, but here's the info for the store:

    805 Lincoln Road
    Miami Beach, FL 33139

    I hope you find them because they are great!
  10. ^Thank you so much for the info, will call tomorrow :smile: I am so in love with these glasses! I actually went to go check out the damaged ones @ Sunglass Hut again :roflmfao:
  11. You mean you will call in a few hours? HAHAHAHA Most individually owned boutique shops in Miami don't open until 10 or so...depends on the owner. I hope they have them; I just can't remember for sure. I didn't even allow myself to see if they had Bvlgari because I had the connection at the boutique. LOL

    Honestly, try calling the Bvlgari at Bal Harbour too because you never know. I was told that these Chanel shoes I wanted were completely sold out yesterday, but with some patience and persistence, I probably tracked down the last pair in the nation. hehe

    Keep us updated!
  12. I definitely will :smile: lol yes I could call in a few hours. I am like 6 hours behind over there so I just have to stay awake until 4 or so! Its 1 now. I am so excited about those glasses!
  13. Oh ok. Where are you? It's almost 7:15 AM now and I still haven't gone to sleep for some reason!!!!!!!!! I'm totally wired. :wtf:
  14. Hawaii, middle of no where!
  15. You make it sound like living in Hawaii is such a bad thing. That's like me saying living on the beach sucks. LOL