Bvlgari Necklace!

  1. I got home yesterday from work and saw this on my bed!! So happy! My DH surprised me with this and there wasn't even any special occasion! Its very simple, classy and cute, and it reminds me of a certain creepy insect! :P



  2. Wow-great necklace-great hubby!! Congrats!
  3. Simply Beautiful! :yahoo: What a nice DH you have.

    BTW, only a true jewelry junkie would take a picture of the box. Welcome to my world.:wlae:

  4. Wow! You're dh is so sweet. That necklace will look stunning with any kind of clothes:smile:
  5. that was really sweet of him, i love surprises. great necklace.:smile:
  6. Thanks girls! I m still very happy. And yes Champaign, I m a real Yellow Gold junkie lol. Now thinking of getting him something similar for Christmas too! Which one do you ladies think is nicer?

    Tiffany Dog Tag
    Tiffany Feathers Chain
  7. ^^^i think the dogtag is more masculine.

    great new necklace! what a wonderful hubby!
  8. Such love!
  9. Love your necklace and am lusting for your Box! I check them out whenever I'm in the city! Such a sweet DH! For him, I'd say the tags and you can get them engraved as well! Always fun!
  10. aww your DH is such a cutie!! and its cut that he bought it just to remind you that he loves you!! awww. haha i love the tiffany necklaces btw!
  11. Aww that's really sweet of him :biggrin: congrats!
    I think the Tiffany Dog Tag is good.
  12. You DH is soooooo sweet. Those are the best gifts to occassion, just because IMO. I go with the Dog tag, it's more manly than the other one.;)
  13. What an awesome DH!! And he has great taste too!

    P.S. I loveeeeeee your doggy! sooooo cute, he looks so relaxed in the last picture!
  14. Thanks everyone! U gals are the sweetest! And I love ur doggy too! My dog is always snooping around in most of my pics lol.

    I bought the tiffany dog tag, thanks to the kind advice! Will put up pics soon! But I love it so much I feel like keeping the dog tag for myself lol. It has the glam yet sporty feel!
  15. Aw, that is a nice surprise, how sweet!