Bvlgari jewellery

  1. I went to the Bvlgari store and find the yellow gold B.Zero1 pendant very enthralling! At the same time, I like the new Perentesi, very regal! I don't know which one to get!

    Anyone has any Bvlgari jewellery? Pics to share?
  2. Here are some pics of Bzero1 and Parentesi I grabbed from the official website. Which one do you gals like?
    parentesi gold.jpg


  3. I like the Bzero1 more. I have the yellow gold medium ring and I use it all the time.
  4. yeha im a fan or bulgari, i cant afford it though one day i plan to get teh bzero1 ring, im a white gold fan so i would go with that, but whatever you like most its your jewelery what would you wear most?
  5. My cousin has the third necklace and the matching ring. Not in yellow gold, white instead. They are so beautiful!!!
  6. I love the rings too! Ok more choices. I don't know which one to get!

    Choice 1. Cicladi. Looks like grapes or mechanical parts. The wheels can move! Very spiffy! About 3500


    Choice 2. Astrale. Looks very royal! I feel like a princess! About 4500.


    Choice 3. Bzero1 pendant, with 2 rows of pave diamond. Everyone's favorite design. About 3500 too. But a bit small?


    Choice 4. The Parentesi White gold with half diamond (see picture above). About 4k. Looks like a cute roach! Quite masculine! I think my husband can wear it too.

    Which one would you guys buy? I can't decide! Thanks!
  7. Any suggestions? Lol not a lot of fan of bvlgari
  8. I'd go for Bzero1 because the name Bulgari is more discreetly written on the sides of the pendant. I'm not a big fan of Bulgari pendants with the name written in front.
  9. i like #2!
  10. ^ #2 for me, also!
  11. I have nr 2 and wear it all the time. The pendant looks great with jeans simple white t-shirt or a DvF-wrap. But it's a bit more expensive than 3500$ though...
  12. Can anyone post pics of their Bzero ring? I'd like to see what it looks like after three months or so..
  13. Oo i really like all of those !
    esp number 2!
  14. I have & luv my Bvlgari Bzero white gold.

    Pls feel free to view & post yr great jewerly collection in here:
    Jewelry Box in Action!!
  15. I like first 3 choices..but especially I like the Bzero1 line I guess