BVettes: Are YOU Staying, Watching and Waiting or Leaving BV under CD Daniel Lee?

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  1. I’m not a fan of the new designs, I feel like they’re not BV. Slap on a different name before showing it to me and I would never know they’re supposed to be Bottega.

    The good news is that I’ve mainly purchased pre-owned, and will happily continue to do so. The resale market has no shortage of the TM designs I adore!
  2. I agree with this statement and I found it is a fact actually. I bought a TM era bag, it is accordion style made from brown karung leather with braided handles and braided trim. I saw the bag was carried on Fall 2008 (or 2009?) runway. When I bought the bag, it was clear that the bag was well loved by the previous owner, however the craftmanship still surpass some of the newer bags I have seen. The stitches, zipper, the tiny braided trims are still strong and no loose threads yet. The skin still in shape and the dots of the karung skin are still "glowing". NO cracked skin or anything. must be amazing treatment TM had for his bags. I replaced the lining at Madison Avenue boutique and have carried it everyday for two weeks. I cant help to admire the bag beside me when the morning sun softly hit the bag while I am driving. She is just gorgeous. I am not sure if DL's bags would be able to last that long.

    In short, I would be buying BV if only from TM era even if I had to hit secondary market. I have no intention to buy anything from new CD, I simply dont understand them. I have the Lauren clutch on my wish list since it was TM's some last creations.
  3. I remember how upset I was over the changes at Dior. Still hate what MGC is doing
    With BV, I’m more open minded because I’ve never been a loyal customer so am less passionate about their heritage. I’m curious to see what else is to come
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  4. This has been a very interesting thread to read, as i am a total newcomer to BV....and reading all of your responses makes me sad that i happened upon the brand post TM....i do not know very much yet, but have been reading and looking through old threads and pix....and its the older styles that drew me to BV.... that i am loving and wanting....most of the styles on the website do not interest me....the only ones i would consider are the Pouch 20, Nodini, and Lauren clutch...and of course the Knots....with these exceptions i will be exploring the secondary market and hoping like all of you that the creative direction in the future swings back to the roots so well established by this brand....
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  5. I'm clearly in the minority among OG BV fans - I actually like what Daniel Lee is doing and it's reinvigorated my interest in the brand! To me, it feels fresh and modern where, if I'm being honest, old BV had begun to bore me. TM's design and quality were of course lovely, but for me the line had begun to feel a bit repetitious and I hadn't really desired anything new in a long time. Of course not everything DL is doing is "practical" (I'm talking to you Maxi Cabat!), but I do like his aesthetic and I've found that IRL, a lot of the new BV pieces manage to feel both modern and sumptuous. At the same time, I fully appreciate why DL's aesthetic is gonna put others off. It's a very different vibe for BV... I've never been one to chase a trend bag - I really do like classics, which is why I'm willing to spend on them - so I do wait a beat to make sure the new designs are something I think are really going to work for me long term. So far I've gone for a Padded Cassette and an intrecciato Pouch and I adore both! :heart::heart:
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  6. I think you've chosen two of the best pieces of the collection.
  7. That’s what I got too :smile:
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  8. Agreed
  9. I actually like the update on the classic veneta. 1322371_3_large.jpg 1322371_4_large.jpg
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  10. Would have to see it unstuffed but yes, I think I like it too. I’d like it a lot better with the old weave though.
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  11. Agreed. There is also the shoulder pouch available for pre-order but really not sure about this one although I do like the non zipper opening. 1322369_3_zoom.jpg
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  12. Not as keen on that but again you need to see how it hangs with your own stuff in it.
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  13. I confess I have never been a BV fan. My mother loved the brand, and she always remembered her first BV, a clutch, which she bought at Loewe in Madrid (go figure) ages ago. Me I always found intrecciato was not for me, but had the highest regard for the brand all the same. That is, until their bags started appearing in the racks and hangers of places like the Saks 5th Avenue Outlet. I bought an intrecciato belt as a present for my mother that was so bad quality... I think the top of the range was probably keeping with it, but my impression was that the brand was going downhill in the last years, both in terms of quality and of creativity and ideas.

    As an outsider, I find Daniel Lee is doing better than well so far. He has created a new identity in record time which however pays homage to the classic elements of the brand, from the weaving, to the shapes and the soft nappa leather. He seems to be playing with those influences but taking them in a refreshingly new direction. Unlike say, Hedi Slimane who combines cloning to the letter old Celine models with being Hedi Slimane.

    The one Daniel Lee bag I have gone for is the Pouch, big size. I know it is all over Instagram... But I really think it is a great purse. At this time of handbag over inflation, with all luxury brands offering a plethora of models every season and reinterpreting every type to death, to be able to take an old classic handbag shape like the old lady clasp coin clutch and make into something truly fresh and modern is no small feat. Plus it is such a beautiful thing to hold and behold... So I will be watching and hoping that he manages to make BV die hard fans proud too!
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  14. I was thinking the same thing about the leather strips. I have three older bags and they have the normal woven strips- none of them have turned over or look frayed.
    I just got the small pouch in black and sent it back, since the larger strips were turning and twisted around towards the top where you’d be manipulating it more. It doesn’t seem as soft either. I ended up with the smooth leather small pouch and it is DREAMY.’s definitely not the typical BV.
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  15. This is actually an archive design, I have my mother's unwoven example but wear the knot to the front
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