BVettes: Are YOU Staying, Watching and Waiting or Leaving BV under CD Daniel Lee?

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  1. #1 Oct 9, 2019
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2019
    Bottega fans are some of the most demanding, discerning and loyal people I know. Where are at now, what are you thinking?

    Are you staying loyal, perhaps vacuuming up all the past Cervo hobos from resale, delighted with the new direction, watching and waiting or have you already given up on BV? Are you still popping into the store or browsing on the website or are you just hoping the shares fall through the floor so a new CD can take over?

    I often glance in through the windows of Bond St, Sloane St or Selfridges and well, I could use the tumbleweed emoticon right here. There's no one ever there. Could be a UK thing but I can barley get seen in some other stores in London.

    You may know I have mostly pinged between BV, Gucci and Hermes for years so some of you are far more invested emotionally and financially. I find myself watching and waiting with Gucci (plus investing in the odd thing - nothing major) but I find myself wide-eyed with mostly horror at BV. Not all my bags are typical, not all intrecciato, not all bought new. I wasn't a die-hard fan of everything of TM ( I'd even thought I'd said goodbye before, the colours were maddening for years and then along came an Intrecciato gunmetal cervo hobo). But seeing croc print used on a BV bag, BV logos on jewellery, strips of leather as wide as seatbelts, I don't even know if I can ever return with this 'BV'.
  2. I am fairly new to BV, just discovered it last year.

    I bought the "new" style Cabat bucket bag and it is one of my favorites. However the others leave me cold, so I am one who is hoping for a new CD!
    I admit that I am an older lady, so maybe the new styles were not meant for me. So be it. I always have Massaccesi who never disappoints
  3. I'm glad that you found a great bag for you and a Cabat should be a forever bag.

    It's always handy to have an alternate love. Obviously, nothing stays the same forever but it's always good to know there's somewhere that has a strong brand core identity rather than become something unrecognisable.
  4. I'm not in a position to purchase new so I'm happily ignoring most of it and searching for my pre-loved beauties. But I'm still checking out the boutique whenever I'm downtown and looking at the stuff posted here on TPF. I'll reserve judgement for awhile yet. I think there's a glimmer of hope in a couple of the bags if they were sized for human use...
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  5. To put it bluntly: I am done.
    To elaborate: I loved Bottega Veneta, the ease of grabbing a bag that was timeless, something that I knew when I bought it that I could still wear it 10, 15, 20 years later. That to me is kind of the meaning of "investment piece". Something you pay good money for at the time, but lasts you for many many years (like a good MaxMara coat, simple diamond studs or Hermes CSGM). The Campana, Cabat, Garda, Cesta, Knot, Veneta, Roma etc... those are all styles that are as current today as they were when they first came out. They don't scream 1997! (or whatever year) like so many It Bags from the last 15-20 years. There's nothing dated-looking about them.

    I consider myself a loyal BVette, but just because they make it doesn't mean I have to buy it. If something isn't my style, I'm certainly not going to wear it for the sake of "but all my stuff is BV!". I have more than my fair share of Ferragamo shoes, but not one pair of Varas/Varinas - they're not my style, yet they're a staple of the brand. It's the same with BV - I only buy what I love, what is timeless, what suits my lifestyle etc. and what currently fits that criteria for me right now, is nothing. I will admit I'm secretly hoping all of this will be a major flop and they'll beg Tomas or someone else who designs beautiful feminine clothing for women to come back. :whistle:

    I also was not a fan of some of TM's designs. His last couple of seasons were really meh for me, I hated the special treatments on the City Knots, and I admit there were several bags that took me a long time to warm up to - including The Lauren and The Loop Hobo. Even the Olympia at first, I was like.... :blah: "if I wanted chains on my bag, I'd buy Chanel", but I came around. I don't see myself coming around on Daniel's bags.

    You did say goodbye before, in fact I was going to bump your "so long BV" thread from a few years ago, but it seemed that a few poeople had started similar threads, so I didn't. I understand where you're coming from with Gucci. As soon as I saw AM's first collection for Cruise, I was just :wtf: and it hasn't seemed to get any better.

    I don't want to make a statement with my handbag - my personality does that all on it's own - I just want a simple, elegant sack of leather (or other material) to put my bits in and swing it 'round as I sashay on the sidewalk. I don't want brightly coloured swaths of letters and brand names across my bag. Or Bees, Hello Kitties, jingly-jangly stuff, or *gasp* embossed patterns.

    I am happy for BV though. If they are attracting new fans and making money - good for them. There are other brands to buy and I've always loved Tods, and if Ferragamo continues to make fabulous and unique shoes, I will keep buying them. It's just that BV doesn't seem to be a brand that fits my personal style anymore, and that's okay.

    I will admit there are a few bags that have eluded me over the years (hello Croc Tiina Bag) and I am always willing to add them into my circle of love, but at the same time I am trying desperately to refine/edit/cull the majority of my bags. I'd ideally like to get down to no more than 10 bags total - all brands.
    The struggle is real y'all :lol:
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  6. i do pop in from time to time, but i am not buying anything new for sure.
    All i wanted to see in my collection, i managed to score, and by this i stand.
    My summer trip to Italy was exceptionally fruitful, i'm glad i visited 2 outlets and found all i wanted and even some more. I feel content.
    I am not leaving BV as such, but i am on a hard pause.
    Honestly, i just don't see any alternative.
    i have Bal, but that's a completely different story, different vibe, and i have place in my closet (read - heart) for both, but i don't see any other brand giving me a full valid replacement.
  7. You can currently file me under: hoping but discouraged.
    I feel like I’m 6 and hoping for a pony under the Christmas tree even though I know it’s not there.....
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  8. "I don't want to make a statement with my handbag - my personality does that all on it's own - I just want a simple, elegant sack of leather (or other material) to put my bits in and swing it 'round as I sashay on the sidewalk." I've had the pleasure of meeting @V0N1B2 and I've never read a more accurate statement. :lol:
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  9. BV is evolving as many other designers have & will continue to do so.
    All the designers seem to be chasing a "young & new client".. So be it.
    We all take a time out from one designer or another over time..
    Loyalty for some reason has gone by the wayside for many of these companies because
    money seems to be the primary .
    For me BV still represents quality, timeless & beautiful workmanship.
    While many of the new designs don't appeal to me, style & taste is so individual that whatever
    we choose to wear from our favorite seasons, we should continue to enjoy.
    Style has a whole different meaning today then it did years ago, There are few leaders just too many "followers"
  10. [​IMG]
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  11. :party:
  12. I am watching and waiting for the right Cabat to come. The new one with suede interior is not meant to be...

    I find myself using my BV classics more often these days. The new collection makes me appreciate what I already own. I do browse the BV website just to check out what's new. The style is not for me, but it is interesting to see the new types of leather/material being used.
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  13. I’m over here clutching all my metallic bags from Tomas Maier hoping for the best. But worst case, I have my Ottone Sloane to comfort me.
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  14. My older Cabats, Venetas, and Stretch Knots are among my most-used bags. I’ve had some of them for nearly 10 years. They have held up really well and still feel current to me. The understated luxury works for me.

    I also really enjoyed the release of seasonal special edition Cabats and Knots, too! Some aren’t understated at all, but they are outrageously cool!

    These days, when I walk into the boutique, I feel like a stranger in a strange land. I might as well be in another boutique because the feel of the place is unrecognizable. I’ll watch to see what happens for a bit, but I’m not finding things that interest me from the new designs right now. I’m not hopeful.
  15. I left. The last time I walked into a boutique was in June in Frankfurt. TM’s remaining bags were discounted and DL’s bags just looked wrong on the shelves. It was a sad experience because it felt like goodbye to me.

    I stopped browsing the web site a long time ago. But I will check my local outlet for any TM bags next chance I get.
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