BV Zurich.. Vanilla was here!! :D

  1. alert: long post!! you can skip to pics if you wish! :upsidedown:

    Miss you dear all!! :heart:

    What to say??
    What not to say??!!

    What..?? sorry I cant hear you!! no no.. crazy isn’t enough to describe what I felt when I finally entered BV boutique with a plan to invade the place..! :lol:

    I went *insane*!
    >>Insane to say the least I swear!! :balloon:

    My beloved family and I went to vacation in Luzern, Switzerland... and I got a chance to stop by Zurich for a couple of hours! I wanted a BV bag so bad since I fell in love through you girlz and all your lovely bags and accessories.. you might have noticed me lurking here for a few months now!!) :kiss:

    The boutique was so lovely.. and oh my God the bags!! The accessories!! The smell of leather all over the place was just too much to handle!!

    I froze in my place :noggin: when the SA opened drawers and drawers of accessories! Array of colors and styles just waiting for you to explore!

    It was an experience I wont forget.. the SA’s were extremely friendly and helpful. I chatted with two sweet ladies (one of them spoke my language Arabic), and then sweetest SA ever whom helped me choose my BVs was an extreme friendly male, he was very patient and informative as well as helpful with great advice all way long :tender:
  2. I am in love!! :love:

    I am in deep deep LOVE!! :kiss:

    I had my eyes on a veneta in this color since I saw the fall/winter online catalogue.. I cant describe its loveliness IRL.. pics don’t do it any justice.. it’s a pure unique color.. a lovely coral or salmon color if you like.. its called “corallo” in the catalog and the SA was referring to it as “favorite” (I am sure its not the correct spelling since I believe it was a French word he meant?).. i took it in medium.. and choose two matching accessories with it.. a wallet which I wanted.. its a sqaure one (the large version)!! And a single bracelet..
    and mmm couldn’t resist the cute bare phone charm!! :graucho:

    << yes I did tremendous damage to my bank account!! The worst ever I guess ouch loool but its well worth it!! :yahoo:

    :heart: I must say a special thanks to my dearest lovely friend in the PF: “his angel” for advising me on what color to choose!! thank you so sO:huh::huh:o much sweetie.. :tender: your the best!! *hugs*

    I’ll leave you now for the pics! And sorry for the extra long post! :angel:

    Hope you enjoy them!
  3. pics were taken without flash under romantic light :p


    my corallo Veneta in medium!! :yahoo:


    an inside pic : )


    the wallet : )


    the bracelet : )

    group.jpg salmon_Alone.jpg inside.jpg wallet.jpg bracelet.jpg
  4. bare phone charm : )


    fall winter catalogue : )


    my LG white chocolate phone happy with the bare charm :nuts:


    The End :heart:
    phonechain.jpg catag.jpg LG.jpg
  5. This colour is really really lovely!! I'm not a pink person at all but couldn't help admiring it when I saw the campana at a boutique. Congratulations!!!
  6. OH MY GOD DOMDOM!!! mashallah amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing choices!!! congrats dearest you deserve it!!!! cant wait to see you sporting it!!!! :biggrin::biggrin:
  7. Lovely bag, I saw this colour in the small campana as well. Beautiful accessories as well. Many Congratulations!
  8. ooh Switzerland! I love Luzern :heart:

    & congrats on your new purchases!! Everything is very beautiful.
  9. I love Luzern as well! THAT is a gorgeous, unique color -- congratulations! I love the little bear too!
  10. Well, sounds like a terrific family vacation! And the color is beautiful! Congrats!
  11. Beautiful purchases! Congrats!!
  12. I saw a veneta in corallo IRL, and it was very stunning! Love the matching pieces and the bear is too cute! Congrats on your BV purchases, and enjoy wearing them!
  13. Many congratulations, early Ramadan prezzies I guess! The service at Zurich store is impeccable isn't it? I'll be there in a week and pop in to the store.
  14. What a lovely start to your BV collection. BV SAs are just the sweetest. They are ever obliging and patient. Shopping for BV is one of the best buying experiences one could have. Many congrats and enjoy in good health. And welcome back.
  15. :nuts: Congrats on such a fabulous haul of BV goodies!!!

    I'm a HUGE fan of pink and matching accessories, so I' m quite delirious with your purchases.

    Enjoy 'em all! :yahoo: