BV Zipper Issue

  1. I recently got one of the Pirata BV's during the Pulse sale. The print is just about as perfect as you can get with almost the whole scene on both sides.
    HOWEVER, while playing with it, I've noticed that the zipper is really hard to open. It closes just fine with nary a snag, but you have to pull really hard to get it open. :wtf:
    I am afraid I'm going to either bust the zipper or at the least pull the zipper pull off. Is this a usual thing that's easily fixed or is it just a faulty zipper? I have to have a zipper top otherwise my things just fly out whether I dump them or not.
    Any suggestions? I don't want to return it. It's a great bag and the other zippers work fine. :confused1:
  2. I've read of someone going to the hardware store and buying some wax bar to apply to the teeth of the zipper and it makes it smoother. I'm not sure if it works or not. I imagined it's like a bar of soap but w/wax and it supposedly smooths it out! :shrugs: It's worth a shot.

    I have the same problem w/my adios zucca the zippers are tough to actually open and close. :sad:
  3. Hmmm...I think I'm going to have to try to soap was thing amore gioco is almost impossible to open :crybaby:
  4. My mom used to sell purses and she's said use either soap or just run a candle along the zipper. :smile:
  5. Oh nooooo, your amore is tough too? :sad:
    Great...I hope mine's not tough too...:wtf: is the story with these zippers?
  6. One side of my amore bambino is tough too. Very annoying, but at least you know pickpockets will have a hard time.
  7. :p Whiskers!! I never thought of that. Blessings in disguise. Although pickpockets aren't that bad of a problem in the backwoods. I may try a fabric store or a tailor to find out if they have any tips. I'm glad I'm not the only one with problems with the zipper. I was scared that I had a defective :drool: . Maybe it's the multi-colored zipper?
  8. My Pirata Stellina gives me trouble, but I find that the more I open and close it the better it gets. Maybe it's something about the colors after all?
  9. I think in general metal zippers just stick more.
  10. Wow... I have no problem with any of my zippers so far, even my BV. The only thing with me is that the gioco is so puffy with fabric on the inside that sometimes if I don't hold the bag right when I open it, the fabric snags in the zipper. Blah! But I have a Paradiso and Inferno BV on their way - I hope they don't have tricky zippers!!! :push:
  11. I don't have any trouble with any of my eariler print bag's zippers it just seems to have started with the pirata/adios bags. :rolleyes:
  12. My Amore Gioco & my friends both have zippers that are tough...but my Ciao is totally fine.

    Who knows - I'm going to give the soap thing tonight...I have some pink strawberry guava soap from hawaii that I'm going to use :p at least my purse will smell good now.
  13. I had zipper problems too on the Amore Stellina. I tested them all at 2 macys and only 2 of 7 in that style had smooth zippers. The one with the best print had the worst so I was bummed! It was so bad the that I thought the purse was going to break.
  14. My brand new Foresta Luna is missing one zipper tooth. That makes it hard to open. I don' know if it was like that when I bought it or it fell off when I used it (for the first time) this weekend. That causes the zipper to snag when opening of closing. I'm very bummed buy plan to keep it as the print placement is perfect.

    If you are having trouble opening or closing your bag you might check to see if there is a tooth missing. If that is the case, you need to make sure the zipper is held VERY straight when closing, otherwise it totally stops.

    It stinks that bags that cost this much have so many zipper issues. But I love them anyway!