BV & YSL Sales?

  1. With all the sales going on--I was curious... Does anyone know when BV boutiques and YSL boutiques will be doing their sales? I think it's around this time of year... Any info is appreciated! Thanks!
  2. a friend of mine from NY was able to get me a BV hobo at Saks for 30% off!!! :yahoo:
  3. Looks like YSL ia having a sale now. The Yris bag (yellow bag that Nicole Ritchie is carrying on another thread) is on sale in lime green for 895 (originally 1400). I'm on the hunt for the yellow one. Other than Saks and Bergdorf's, where else can I find YSL?
  4. If you live near a Marshall Field's (department store), you should go check it out. I was able to get a couple of BV bags with 30% off. An additional 15% with a new charge account.
  5. gloss_gal -- i sent you a pm too but they have this bag (in yellow) at shirise and it is on sale. if you want it, ask for david at 847.835.2595.
  6. OOOH how much is the yellow bag going on sale for?
  7. I just got the YSL Hobo! It has suede trim. David was great, it is different from the suede Bugatti (which I still covet) but it's a great bag. Thanks Chi!:smile:
  8. is this the same style as the Muse bag? can I know how much? thanks :biggrin:
  9. I received a notice in the mail from BV that they are having a sale.
  10. The bag was 695. Looks like the YSL sale is 50% off.
  11. Did the notice say when the sale started and the amount of discount? Thanks!
  12. David is a STAR- he helped me find a muse earlier this year. Love him!!
  13. i want a kahala!!!!
    i want another i mean
  14. does anybody know if the Yellow YSL YRIS Nicole bag is still available on its sale price? pls. let me know. I emailed David already and hoping he will respond. The time difference between USA and PHilippines is hard :smile:
  15. Anyone got pics for the YSL YRIS? I am familiar with this style. Thanks girls!