BV woodbury sale: all bags 30% off!!

  1. I visited BV outlet store last weekend. And there are some very nice and decent bags in the neutral color (of course, if you like bright colors, they have them too). I think I saw this one, but I don't remember the exact price. I guess the outlet original price should be 30% off the department store original:
    I just got a email from their store. All bags have additional 30% off! Share it here in case some JMs wanna buy:smile:
    You can email or call them to ask for pictures and styles

    I wanted to inform you that we will be having a sale for the Columbus Day
    Holiday which will run from Friday, October 5th, through Monday, October
    8th. The sale is as follows:

    30% OFF ALL bags, and small leather goods
    50% OFF ALL shoes, clothing, and belts

    I am offering you the opportunity for a pre-sale on the merchandise now.
    This means that I will have to hold the merchandise until Thursday the 4th
    of October. At that time, I can ring up the sale and ship the merchandise
    out to you.
    Please contact me via email or phone at 845-928-4563 with any questions. I
    look forward to hearing from you.

    Best Regards,

    John Avitabile
    Assistant Manager,
    Bottega Veneta, Woodbury Common