BV Woodbury Outlet

  1. I just read on a couple threads that BV has an outlet near NYC.

    Woodbury Outlet, Red Apple Ct, Central Valley, NY.

    I looked on mapquest and found its only a 4.5 hour drive for me.

    Is it worth the drive to go?
  2. Maybe call them to find out when they have the best selection.

    I called them looking for very small items and they quickly e-mailed me photos and prices so I could buy from out-of-state. It involved a form you need to sign, because there are no returns at all, but the discount was good, maybe half off little keychains.
  3. I love that outlet! I would definitely make a trip! They not only have BV, they have Gucci, Chanel, Dior, Fendi, Juicy, Lucky, Kate Spade, Coach, Lacoste, Crate and Barrel, Williams Sonoma/Pottery Barn, etc... Just too many to name! Selection of course varies but it is a good shopping trip! Want to make another trip up there!!
  4. forgive my ignorant, but what is an outlet? is that mean that bv is also produced in that place?
  5. It's an outlet mall. Like a shopping center that sells past seasons, discontinued, overstock items. If you're lucky, sometimes there are current season items at an outlet store.
  6. Outlet malls or stores carry items that are either last season's or "seconds".
    They need to make room - so sell these items at their outlet stores for a discount.

    Here is a link to the outlet mall we are discussing:
    Woodbury Common Premium Outlets
  7. I'd love to know which hobo's they have (if anyone calls!) :flowers:
  8. I love that outlet! Like Lainey mentioned, they have most of the designers, not to mention Wedgewood/Waterford and L'Occitane...
    If you are looking for a fun shopping day, with designers and about 20% off prices, go for it. If you are seriously looking for a set bag, call.