BV - Which one to be the first one

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  1. Ladies,

    Please help me to decide. I wanted to buy the BV bag and this is going to be my first purchase of this bag. I have been wanting to buy one and I am waiting the perfect one.

    I have seen most of BV style but what do you think of this one? NM, SAks, and BG have it but preorder in tan? But I got lucky! I called NM and they have the white one available and of course I love white bag!! although white bag is not my first priority right now (I have a several white bag already) but I am considering it.

    What do you guys think of this BV style. This style just came out and I am sure it's gonna be gone fast. I have SA in NM holding it for me. Also it comes in brown but is not at the store near by right now.

    Which one? Hobbo style like the model's is carrying on her shoulder or the white or brown tote the model is carring on her hand?? I love the double braided handles on the white! Brown or white??

    I will post more pics if i can find. I got this one from NM.

    Thanks guys!!!

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  2. I like the hobo, but I tend to prefer shoulder bags.
  3. Definitely the hobo .... grrrrrrrrrrreat bag!
  4. The hobo is gorgeous! The style, the color, just everything... :love:
  5. oh man...i didn't know they made that tote in white...i LOVE that tote...

    god dammit. just when i was ready to decide on a white bag!

    so my vote is def for the white, but really, can you go wrong with BV? i think not.
  6. I like the hobo :biggrin: I have it in a magenta color and its a great bag! Perfect size too.
  7. I like the hobo too. I thought the white tote is a little bit plain and more casual and relax I guess?

    This is the BV tote in diff color, not sure the name of it. But you can see more detail on the leather and it is sooo slouchy! and the leather looks so yummy!

    What do you think of this one? I don't think you can find this color anywhere until don't know when though. Sigh.

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  9. OMG I love this color (for me)!!!!!!!!!!! Otherwise I like the tan color better than the white and the hobo better than the tote.
  10. I would go for the Hobo :smile:
  11. hobo.
  12. Wow!! Many votes for the hobo here! Thanks ladies!! I have to see both bags in person. I know the white one is on hold for me to see in person and I need to see if NM and Saks have the brown hobo too while I am there. I will let you which one I like better in person. ;)
  13. Sweetea, I saw this bag in chocolate brown at my Nordy's--it came in two sizes, which I'd describe as small and large. The small was too small, hard to really wear on the shoulder unless you pulled the strap all the way through on one side so you only have "one" strap instead of two--hope that makes sense....

    The large was a bit large and not very attractive to be honest and I love BV. The bag was just kinda "blah" although I liked the braided detail of the strap. I'd go for the hobo or the ball bag if you're looking for a BV. Those are my personal favorites.
  14. Grrr..I just lost the reply I just wrote!

    Wicked so thank you thank you very much for your input. This place is so great because all the members are so helpful when it comes to voicing their opinions, advices which really help other members alot before they make their purchases!

    And yea..I guess I am really attracted to the breaded straps and the looks of the leather which looks so fresh and yummy. You probably right about the large size and that might also be too big for me.

    My guess is probably going for the hobo in hazelnut color? But I don't think it is available yet in the store but don't know for sure.

    Now..what do you guys think of this BV?? I saw the red one on net porter and I copied the pics here for you guys to see. The pic in tan comes from NM. I just love everything on this bag, the leather, the detail, the strap..aahhhh.

    But it's look really large! But this red bag can go so much casual but still look polish when you wear it. What do you think?

    Hobo? or this BV ? In red or brown? (forgot the style's name of this BV).

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  15. I love the hobo!