BV Wallet ** to keep or not to keep

  1. I think this wallet's around $300+ er something. BV isnt really my style, and my mom gave it to me. Im trying to decide if its a keeper or not.. or if i should just get rid of it, i dunno. I took some pictures because I was going to sell it but don't know if i should. what do you ladies think? should I just keep it? the leather is really nice, i think it's lambskin! while politically incorrect it sure feels nice. :smile:


  2. i have the same wallet and love it. it is a nice size and will hold a ton without looking messy or overly stuffed. i also like when the credit cards are only on one side. i think it makes the wallet softer. i also like that it doesn't zip around the entire outside since i am zipper challenged. i recently started using an even smaller bv wallet to fit into smaller bags but i think yours-the continental-is a great size. hope the info helps you make a decision.
  3. thanks, do you know the technical name for the wallet? this is the continental size? im trying to google info about it, and cant seem to get any luck. do you have the same color too?
  4. k
  5. it's beautiful and classic, I would definitely keep it :heart:
  6. mine is also ebano as are alot of my accessories. i love that color. i believe it is the eight credit card continental. good luck with it.
  7. yeah i thought about it, and as hard up for cash as i am right now i decided to sell it on eBay :sad: i hate eBay because everyone so stingy! they complain about getting things for more than 1/2 off! i decided to start it at $175. i think thats pretty good, but im sure some people still wont bid. theres ones going on there for like 30 dollars. uhg can you imagine. .... though good for the buyers i suppose